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Chongqing 重庆 

Accommodations in Chongqing are all about skyscrapers and sky-scraping prices. Foreigners hoping for budget hotels will have to look far and wide.

Fortunately, the cheapest district, Yuzhong, is also the most convenient. All listed hotels have 24hr. hot water unless otherwise noted.

Housing Information: No:293

City-ChongQing, City Region-JiangBai,  Address-JiangBai Five Stars Gardon, Owner's Name-Peter Yang,  Telephone-13-908-337-917,,  Owner No:2932, Type Of House-Apartment, House Formation-3 Halls 3 rooms, Dimension-120, Which Floor-10/18F, Shortest Stay-1 Days, Daily Rate-100RMB RMB/Day, Unit Price-Room, Type Of Homtel-Youth hotel, Rooms Set Up-1,  

Huixianlou Hotel (huixianlou fandian), 186 Minzu Lu (6384-5101 (ext 888), 6383 7495; fax: 6384 4234), 2 blocks from the Liberation Monument. The best deal in town. This place is plush: even dorms have A/C, carpets, and TV. Books river cruises, plane tickets, and tours. 6-bed dorms Y50; doubles and singles Y240-260, low season Y138. 

Opera House Guesthouse  (geju yuan zhaodaisuo); 263 Bayi Lu (6383 3770; fax 6371 1216), 2 blocks from the Liberation Monument. Inconspicuous entrance opposite Bayi Hotel. One of the few places in the city that will let you pay per bed, it's also the only place with free Communist-era opera for your listening pleasure. Don't expect velvet curtains and chandeliers; do expect clean beds, private baths, and security gates that lock at 11pm. Triples with A/C, bath, and N Y45 per bed.  

Bayi Hotel (bayi binguan) 6380 5400 or 6381 4210), on Bayi Lu, parallel to Minquan Lu, off Food St. in the Liberation Monument area. Internet in basement Y2 per hr. Well-furnished doubles Y100-160, low season Y80. 

Huixianlou Hotel (huixianlou fandian), 186 Minzu Lu (023/638-45101, 6383 7495; fax: 6384 4234), 2 blocks from the Liberation Monument. The best deal in town. This place is plush: even dorms have A/C, carpets, and TV. Books river cruises, plane tickets, and tours. 6-bed dorms Y50; doubles and singles Y240-260, low season Y138. 

Fuyuan Hotel (fuyuan binguan), 38 Caiyuan Lu (8903-3922, 6903 3111; fax 6903 3922), around the corner from the bus and train stations toward the river. Fine, clew rooms with central A/C and TV, Close to loud transportation hubs, but not much else. Hot water 7pm-10am. Singles and doubles Y180-260; triples Y260. Best budget accommodation in town? 

Luohan Si (Xiao Shizi, tel: 023/6373-7144. The Luohan temple has rooms available, though these are meant fir visiting clergy and they often stick tourists in the basic hostel next door. Dorm beds Y20-30. 

Huatie (Between the bus and train station). This is a well run budget hotel managed by the railways, but the area is grotty. Dorm beds Y25. 

Chongqing Shipin Dasha (6384-7300; 72 Shaanxi Lu; d/tr Y80/90, d/tr with bath Y180/200) This would have to be your last choice for budget accommodation. Dorms look like they've been housing visitors since pre-liberation. 


80km east of Chongqing in the town of Dazu.

Buses head to Dazu from the long-distance bus station in Caiyuanba, next to the train station (2hr., 6am, Y39 (Y45) hourly from 9:50 am to 5:50 pm).

Holy Summit, North Mtn., and South Mtn. are all in different directions from Dazu, requiring a return to town in between destinations. Buses go to Holy Summit (15-20min., Y2); cab to North and South

Mtns. Y5-10.

All 3 sites open 8:30am-6pm. Holy Summit Y50; students and seniors over

70 Y25. North Mtn. Y40/Y20. South Mtn. Y5. Combined admission Y85. 

Though not quite Dunhuang, the Dazu Stone Carvings (dazu shike) encompass more than 50,000 clifftop Buddhist sculptures, scattered at 75 sites throughout the region. Dating from the Tang and Song Dynasties, these fine examples of late-period Chinese grotto artwork have aged eerily well-some still glint with tinges of their original blue and gold pigments.

The best-preserved and largest collection of carvings can be seen at Holy Summit (baoding shan), 15km northeast of Dazu (this is where "the wheel of life" carving can be found in niche #3, this is the starting point on one side of the sculpture garden). Buses (Y2) from Dazu station lasve twice an hour until around 4pm and take 30 min for for the 16km run.

Dozens of tiny stone figures encircle a 31m-long statue of the reclining Sakyamuni, built in the Southern Song (1127-1279). A nearby temple is home to the magnificent gold-coated AvalolateSvara of a Thousand Hands-if in doubt, simply count the dazzling array of fingers and hands fanning out on the main temple wall.

The less well-preserved (but the main groupings are at) North Mountain (bei shan) contains older works from the late Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) and the Sutrapitaka Cave.

The sculptures on the South Mountain (nan shan) are among the few Daoist relics in the region, revealing a rich history of contact between the two major Chinese traditions. 

Of the six largest sites scattered around the county seat of Dazu, two are most worth a visit - Bei Shan, completed in the late Tang dynasty (618-907); and Baoding Shan, started and completed in the Song dynasty (960-1279). If you have time or interest for only one, make it Baoding Shin. 


GETTING THERE Buses leave Chongging for Dazu from the Long-Distance Bus Station (next to the railway station) every 30 minutes. The earliest bus is at 5:30am; the last return bus is scheduled to leave at 6pm. It's best to be at the Dazu bus station by 5pm for the return trip to Ch6ngqing. The 2-hour drive from Chongging to Dazu Xian Bus Station costs ¥31 to Y39 ($3.85-$4.60). From the Dazu Bus Station, catch a minibus for Baoding Shan. Buses depart every half-hour. The half-hour ride costs Y3.50 to Y4.50 (40c-65c) each way. Buses also depart from the small bus station in the north part of town for Y4.50 (60c). A taxi from Dazu Xian to Baoding Shan is about ¥30 ($3.75).

Taking the train to Dazu is slow and requires first going to Youting; from Youting, transfer to a bus going to the bus station. From the station, transfer to another bus to the grottoes. Whether coming from Ch~ngdu or Chongging, the bus is considerably faster and more convenient. 

Next to the bus station there is accommodation at the Xingyuan Luguan (beds Y30). (more expensive Dazu Binguan, up Longzhong Lu, 023/4372-1888, further up is Jinye Binguan 023/4377-5566, a bit less expensive). 

Going back to Chongqing: Y45, 2 hrs, depart between 6:30 am and 5:30 pm. 

Train from Chonqing to Guiyang Y103, 10hrs, daily, departs 10:55 PM 

Aside from the station, train tickets are sold on the ground floor  of the buildning at the corner of Minzu Lu and Wusi Lu, 100 m northeast from the Huixian Lou hotel, look for the window. They Charge Y5 mark-up per ticket, sell timetables and are very helpful. 


Guiyang 贵阳 

Guiyang train station: (698-1222) at the south end of Zunyi Lu. The tickets booth is slightly to the right of the train station center. Few trains originate here, making tickets difficult to obtain; express tickets are easier to get but more expensive. Advanced purchase is advised during the summer. Luggage storage 6:00 am - midnight (Y2 per bag). Trains to Kunming: 12-14 hours, 10 per day, Y131. 

Guizhou Teacher's University Educational Service Center (guizhou shifan daxue jiaoyu fuwu zhong xin), 180 Baoshan Bei Lu (670-2582).

From the end of Yan'an Dong Lu, enter the front gate of Guizhou Teacher's University aid follow the road. It's on the right side of the street. Guiyang's cheapest rooms are in this crowded but well-kept guest dorm next to Guizhou University. College dorm decor and atmosphere. Check your wit and sobriety at the door. Hot water until 1013m. 4-bed dorms Y20; singles Y110; doubles Y120; triples Y130.  

University Hotel (daxue luguan; 180 Baoshan Lu (670-2348). Part of the Guizhou Teacher's University Academic Exchange Center (guizhou shifan daxue xueshu jiaoliu zhongxin), just before the Education Service Center on the path from the University's entrance. Book well in advance for a summer stay in this cheap, if spartan, establishment. 4-bed dorms Y22; doubles Y130; triples Y300.  

Jinlong Hotel (Jinlong dajiudian; 62 Yan'an Zhong Lu (528-2321; fax 528 1507), set back from the road 1 block toward Ruijin Lu from CITS on the left, Clean, newly furnished rooms have A/C, bath, and TV. Economy singles Y109, singles' Y128; doubles Y168; triples Y188.  

Guiyang - Yidu Youth Hostel

No.63 Wenchangnan Road

Guiyang 550001, Guizhou, China


Every room is with bathroom attached

Airport- 8 km, 15 mins by taxi

Train - 2km, take bus no.24,1 or 2

Long Distance Bus- Take bus no.1,2 or 40

Huangguoshu Falls, Chinafs highest water falls at 74 metres, sit among

scenic countryside and interesting minority villages.are about 200 km from

Gui Yang. Visitors can take a train to Anshun and the falls are 46 km

south-west of it. 

Tel. 852 851 8631788/8631766

Fax. 852 851 8631799 

Guiyang Yidu Youth Hostel, 9 Zhi Yue, GuiYang, GuiZhou, Tel (0851) 8649777 


Chongqing to Anshun  安顺 (安 顺) (instead of Guiyang)

Train Chongqing-Anshun (12 hr, 2 per day?, Y130) 

Copy map from LP!!! also RG page 790. 

Trains from Chonqing to Anshun: 

K167 重庆 昆明            

   重庆 昆明               

   重庆 昆明               


Anshun's main attraction is the huge Sunday market that takes over the center of town with the most traditional part of it lying along Shi Xilu.

Also Wenhua Miao (Y3) a Ming Confucian hall hidden away in the northeastern backstreets, has some superbly carved dragon pillars.

Ground opera (Dixi)performers wear brightly painted wooden masks. 

Trains: Anshun Train Station (anshun huoche zhan) 329-3295 at the south end of Nanhua Lu. Sleeper tickets require a reservation slip from office on 2nd fl. to the left of the stairs (open daily 9am-6pm); actual purchase completed at window  #2 (open 8:10-11am, 12:30-6:30pm, 9:30pm-3am). Luggage storage open 24hr (Y2). To: Chongqing (12hr., 2 per day, Y130);  

Hotels listed have 24hr. hot water. 

Anju Binguan (220-1359; dm Y10-20, d with bath Y100) You can't miss this bright pink building; it's on your right as you exit the trail' station. The hotel has recently been renovated and the rooms are basic but very clean, making this the best deal in town.  

Huayou Binguan (322-6020 Tashan Xilu, d Y120-180) The rromms are uninspired but the bathrooms are spotless. 

Wholesale Market Hotel (laran shichang zhaodaisuo) 334-0954 located just to the right of the "Wholesale Market of Small Goods in Anshun"

gate. Walk through street stalls under the hostel's sign and take the 1st left; it's on the 3rd fl. Very bright and clean rooms with new furniture, including a couch. Well-maintained public baths. Singles Y20; doubles Y50.  

Ruofei Hotel  (ruofei binguan) 48 Nanhua Lu (tel/fax 322-5374), halfway between Tashan Lu and Guihuang Lu, next to the Wholesale Market. Renovations haven't yet extended to the cheaper rooms, but quarters are clean, with fans, attached baths, and lots of light. 3-bed dorms Y40; singles and doubles Y70-120. 

Huayou Hotel  (huayou binguan), 15 Tashan Lu (0853/3329--164, 322 6020, fax 322-6020). Turn left off Nanhua Lu, 2min. down on the left. Equivalent rooms to the pricier Xixiu Mountain, but less posh. Singles Y120; doubles Y180.  

Travel Agencies: CITS (323-4662 or 323-4661), on Tashan Dong Lu. Turn right on Nanhua Lu; CITS is on the left, near the end of the road, 15min. on foot. Open M-F 8am- 6:30pm. CPITS (jing'an zhigong luxing she), 48 Nanhua Lu (322-5525; fax 322- 4377), to the right of Ruofei Hotel, is a friendly place to buy tickets the day tour to Huangguoshu and Longgong (Y270). Open daily 8:30am-6pm.  

Anshun-->Longgong Caves-->Huangguoshu-->Guiyang-->Kunming 

Most people visit Anshun for the roaring waters of nearby Huangguoshu Falls and the subterranean wonders of Longgong Caves, but Anshun has enough diversions for a pleasant afternoon in town as well. Tours to sights like Huangguoshu Falls, Longgong Caves, and Heavenly Star Bridge Scenic Area cost about Y270, including admission to all three sights. CPITS (see Travel Agencies, p. 628) sells tickets for a tour bus that leaves from the Ruofei Hotel (departs 7am, returns 5-6pm).

Anshun is famous for its batik. While batik sellers clog the tourist sights, the best prices are usually in town. Shops line Nanhua Lu between the traffic circle and the Bank of China. Bargain hard; start at slightly less than half of the first price. 

You will need the small west bus station, 150m west of Xin Dashizi on Tashan Xilu, to reach some local destinations. 

Longgong Caves (Longgong Dong, Dragon Palace, Admission Y50 or Y120)

About 23 km south of Anshun. Local buses depart every hour from Anshun west bus station (Y8, one hour). Returning, buses leave hourly until 5 pm. Minibuses run between Longgong and Huangguoshu (Y20). 

Huangguoshu Falls

Tthis huge cascade of water is Guizhou's No 1 tourist attraction. Huangguoshu Village is home to the massive Huangguoshu Falls (Huangguoshu Da Pubu; Yellow Fruit Tree Falls; admission Y150), is closer to 6km in length and easily explored in an afternoon.

The thunder of the waterfalls can be heard fro some distance, and during the rainy season (May to October) the mist from the falls carries up to Huangguoshu Village. The falls are most spectacular about four days after heavy rains. The dry season lasts from November to April and during March and April the flow of water can become a trickle.

There are three entrances to the main falls: at the top of the cable car (Y50), next to Huangguoshu Binguan and just before Huangguoshu Village. Once inside, you can get up close to the falls, both by trapezing across a stone path over Rhinoceros Pool and by visiting Water Curtain Cave where, for an extra Y 10, you can walk through a tunnel behind the falls and view the water streaming past. During the rainy season, both of these explorations can turn into wades and prove treacherous. Good footwear and waterproof gear are necessary at any time of year.

There are a number of other waterfalls in the area that are included in the entry price for Huangguoshu Falls. One kilometre above the main falls and a couple of kilometres' walk north of town is Steep Slope Falls (Doupo Pubu), 105m wide and 23m high Eight kilometres below Huangguoshu Falls is the Star Bridge Scenic Area (Tianxing yiao Jingqu) known for its `potted landscape'. 


From Anshun, buses run every 20 minutes from the long-distance bus station (Y8, one hour, 7.20am to 5pm). Buses from Anshun to Xingyi also pass by Huangguoshu, leaving you about a 15-minute walk from the highway to the village.

From Guiyang to Huangguoshu buses leave every 40 minutes from the longdistance bus station (Y30 to Y40, 2and1/2 hours, 7.10am to noon).

Heading out of Huanggubshu buses for Anshun and Guiyang run regularly between 7am and 7pm. Buses for Xingyi leave in the morning.

Minibuses run the route between Longgong Caves and Anshun (Y20 per person). 


From Anshun, trains leave daily for Kunming (Y130, 11 hours, 8.44am and 6.27pm) but it's virtually impossible to get sleeper reservations and you might decide to head back to Guiyang. Four trains leave daily for Guiyang (Y7 to Y12, two hours), although the bus is more convenient. 


Kunming Y126 17hrs daily  Departs at 1pm

Guiyang  Y15 2hr every 20 min Departs 6:50am-7:10pm  


Kunming 昆明 

Copy map from LP! page 653, 657

Map RG page 802 (Very Good) 

Kunming Airport:

Accessible via buses #52 from Huguo Bridge, #78 from Qingnian Lu and #67 from North Train Station. A shutle bus (Y5) from the airport to the Worker's Palace usually takes passengers to any central destination they request.

Bus # 52 and 67 run between the centre of town and the airport. A taxi cost Y15 to Y20. 

Guilin - two flights per day (Y840) 

Bus # 63 runs from the east bus station to the Camellia Hotel and on to the main train station.

Bus # 23 runs from the north train station south down Beijing Lu to the main train station. Fares range from Y1 to Y4.

The main city buses have no conducters and require exact change. 

Bike rental: Camellia Hotel. Y2 per hr, Y10 per day. Deposit Y200-Y300. Also "City Cafe" rents bikes. 

Travel Agencies: CITS, 287 Huancheng Nan Lu, after the overpass. Ma Tongchung (356-6644, speaks English and is more than generous with his time.

Camellia Travel Agency, Camellia hotel, 96 Dongfeng Dong Lu, Bldg 1, 1st floor (316-6388). Opened daily from 8 to 8. 

Yunnan Airlines/CAAC (316-4270, 313-8562; Tuo dong Lu, 24hr) issues tickets for any Chine airline but the office only offers discount on Yunnan Airlines flights. Only the small ticket window on the left side of the building is open 8pm to 8am. 

A good one-stop shop for booking flights is the Sanye International Air Service (Sanye Guoji Hangkong Fuwu Youxian Gongsi; 353-0773; fax 354-3370; 66-68 Beijing Lu), next door to the long distance bus station. The office deals wi more than 20 international carriers and the national ones.

China Southern Airlines (310-1831, 433 Beijing Lu). 

Kunming Camellia Hotel (kunming chahua binguan), 96 Dongfeng Dong Lu (316-3000 or 316-2918, fax 314 7033;

Bus #63 will take you right near the hotel on Dongfeng Dong Lu; pick it up on Yongping Lu, the 1st right off Beijing Lu after the train station.

[LP: take buse #2 or # 23 to Dongfeng Donglu, then change to bus $5 heading east and get off at the second stop] .

The undisputed favorite of Kunming backpackers, with cheap beds, clean facilities, good service, and a lovely garden. On-site travel agency, 2 consulates, Internet access (Y10 per hr.), currency exchange, and free airport shuttles. 4- and 8-bed dorms Y30; doubles with bath Y200. Credit cards accepted. 

Yunnan University Guesthouse (yunnan daxue zhaodaisuo;, on Tianjundian Xiang, off Yieryi Dajie, on the western edge of campus. Take bus #10, 22, 55, 64, 65, 84, or 111 to the university's west gate (ximen). Guesthouse is just up the hill on the right. A good alternative to the Camellia. Spartan rooms are clean and have full baths. Beautiful campus surroundings in funky neighborhood. Singles and doubles Y60; triples Y100. 

Kunhu Hotel (kunhu fandian), 202 Beijing Lu (313-3737), by Huancheng Lu. Dim corridors, but clean rooms and facilities. Next to 3 cafes, with travel agencies on the 2nd and 3rd fl. 3-bed dorms Y25; singles Y40; doubles Y50, with bath Y80. 

Yunnan University Hotel (yun da binguan; ; 503-1481, 503 3624; fax 5148513; d Y150-288) If you want to stay 'n the university area then the standard doubles here are a good choice. It's next to the university's west gate. Just up from the Yunnan University Guesthouse on Tianjundian Xiang, on the left. Bright new lobby and rooms offer a more luxurious option at reasonable rates. Singles and doubles Y120. 

City Cafe & Hostel (Shamen Chendi Xiaochi He Luguan) 78 Dongfeng Donglu; s/d/dm Y40/20/20) 'This popular cafe has just opened up a small hostel with excellent-value rooms. There are only a handful of beds and the singles in particular are a steal. It's located just behind the City Cafe itself. 

Kunming Youth Hostel (Kunming Cui Hu YH) - C1 Building, Zhengxie Hotel, 94 Cuihu Nan Lu (0871/517-5395, fax: 516-7131, Telephone  +86 871 5175395 5167131 Fax +86 871 5167131. Well located by Cuihu Park, this efficient hostel offers doubles without bathroom, and four bed doorms; it also has kitchen facilities and bike rentals. It's so low-key it's difficult to find - take bus # 2 from the train station, alight at the Wu Yi stop, walk north to Cuihu Nan Lu, and look for th HI triangle on the Zhengxie Hotel, the hostel is just behind, down a small alley. Yhere is small discount for HI members. Dorm beds Y25. 

Yunnan Jixie Binguan (Yunnan Machinery Hotel) 312 7606; fax 312 7379; 241 Baita Lu; d Y138-158, q Y150) 'This new hotel is set within a lovely garden. The rooms are excellent value for money, especially the quads which are enormous. There is also a laundry service, bicycle rental and a free shuttle bus to the airport and train station. Prices include breakfast. 

Kunhti Fandian (314-3699; 202 Beijing Lu; dm Y25, d with bathroom Y80-120) Near the train and bus stations, the good dorm rooms and clean shared bathrooms here attract a good number of backpackers. Try to get a room at the back of the building so it won't be as noisy. The hotel is two stops from the main train station on bus Nos 2, 23 or 47, though it's easy enough to walk it. Prices include breakfast. 


Chuncheng Jiulou (Spring City Hotel), 362-9586; fax 363-3191; 11-17 Dongfeng Xilu; dm Y54, d with bathroom Y98-128, tr with bathroom Y142-184) This is a good "ption. The dorms are bright and their shared bathrooms incredibly clean. Doubles might feel a bit small but they're still good value. 

Kunming Cloudland YH

Address: 23 Zhuan Tang Road , KunMing , YunNan

Telephone +86 871 4103777 Fax +86 871 4103777

Post Code 650041 

A restored Ming-Dynasty Daoist temple, the Black Dragon Pool (hei long tan) is named for a legendary black dragon whose life was spared by a Daoist immortal in return for its promise to aid mankind. The grounds contain cypresses and flowering trees that bloom in April and May. (16km from Kunming. Accessible by bus #9 or 79 from North Train Station. Open daily sunrise-sunset. Free.) 


In Lunan Yi Autonomous County, 126km outside Kunming. Minibuses from the Camellia Hotel (round-trip Y40) depart at 8:30am, stop several times along the way, and return at 3pm; you won't actually arrive at the forest until 1-1:30pm.

Minibuses also depart from the Long-Distance Bus Station (one-way Y20 [LP: Y30-Y40, two hours, every 30 minutes, 8:00 am to noon, leave from  the bus station, Beijing Lu, opposite the long distance bus station.]). From the forest, minibuses [LP: minibuses waiting at Shilin car park, leaveing when full, Y10-Y15], (Y20) return to Kunming frequently. Open 24hr. Admission Y80, students Y55.

There are also early-morning  tour minibuses (about Y30) from the corner of Huancheng Nan Lu, next to the King World Hotel, look for the blue, bilingual sign.

The cheapest option is the tourist train K440 (1hr 20min, Y30 return), which leaves from the main station at 8:28am [FR: departs Kunming at 8:10 and returns from the stone forest at 4:30.Train tickets for the forest are sold from 7:30am to 8:10am at a special booth at the south east corner of the railwaystation next to the gate for the Stone Forest train. During other times, purchase Stone forest train tickets at counter 3 in the main station or from travel agencies or hotel desks.]. 

Yunnan's Stone Forest (lunan shilin) lives up to its self-designated moniker as a "wonder of the world," with rock formations spiking up high above like redwoods or Scottish pines. Only the Big and Little Stone Forests portion is open to visitors. The forest is a gigantic labyrinth of jagged karst (limestone) pillars, some over 30m high, lashed and split by eons of ice and rain, and eroded to their present form. Formed more than 200 million years ago, some rocks were miraculously distorted into shapes that resemble "a 1000-year-old tortoise," "a baby elephant," or "a stone buffalo." Don't be frustrated if you can't see the resemblancesometimes a rock is just a rock. 

While the overcrowding characteristic of Yunnan's tourism sometimes plagues the forest, it's certainly possible to strike out and wander on your own. From the Sword Pool, turn right and go right at the next fork; you'll have to crouch a bit to enter this hidden path. From there, choose your own route to the top, where brilliant vistas await, undisturbed by the crowds that climb to the park's pavilion. Of course, for those wary of heights, the stairs and railings of the pavilion provide equally rewarding views for less effort.

After expending your energy on the climb up, head to the tea house in the rest area up the hill from the path that exits the pavilion. There, the local Yi  minority leads free tea tastings. At the tasting's conclusion, don't feel obligated to buy anything; the many fragrant teas are tempting, but their prices are not-even the cheapest go for over Y100 per kilogram. 

Naigu Stone Forest (Naigu Shilin Fengjingqu, admission Y50), is about 8km 8 km northeast from Shilin (it predates Shilin by about 2 million years). There you can find karst caves, a large waterfall and an impressive causeway of black, volcanic blocks. The easiest way to get there is to take a microbus from Shilin (Y15). Or catch a horse and a cart for Y15 from the main road outside the Stone Forest. 

Stoneforest International Youth Hostel (Shilin Guoji Qingnian Luguan, 771-0768, 4 bed dorm Y50, s/d Y80/Y120. Directly opposite where the buses drop you off, this new hostel offers the cleanest, best value accommodation you will find in Shilin. 


Guilin/Yangshuo 桂林/阳朔 

Map RG page 734 

Flights: Lijiang International Airport (lijiang guoji jichang; 284 5304)20km west of the city. Taxis from downtown Guilin to the airport cost Y80-100. A shuttle bus (6:30am7:30pm, Y20) runs from the airport to the train station (follow the signs to the minivan, right outside the baggage area), and also shuttles between the airport and the CAAC ticket office every half hour from 6:30am to 8:00pm (Y20)(384 3918, 384 7208, or 384 7209; fax 380 6463), on Shanghai Lu and Minzhu Lu, which can book domestic tickets. Open daily 7:30am-10:30pm. Also at Min2hang2 Da4sha4 on Shanghai Lu 0773-384-3922. To Wuhan (2 per week, Y780 or US$86). Local taxi Y7.

Flight Reservations: 

Buses: Guilin Long-Distance Bus Station (Guilin changtu qiche zhan 382-0600), on the northern section of Zhongshan Nan Lu, between Yinding Lu and Nanhuan Lu, a 10 min walk north of the train station. To Yangshuo 1 1/2 hr, every 20 min, Y6-10. Minibuses to Yangshuo (Y10) leave from the Guilin train station parking lot; verify price and destination before boarding. 

Trains: Guilin Railway Station (Guilin huoche zhan, 383-2904) at the intersection of Zhongshan Nan Lu and Shanghai Lu. The ticket office is on the 1st floor, on the left when facing the station. Tickets go on sale 3 days in advance and frequently sell out in summer, especially hard sleeper tickets, so arrive at 8:00m when the ticket office opens. Luggage Storage.. Most trains through Guilin also pass through the Guilin North Train Station (Guilin bei huoche zhan) on Zhongshan Bei Lu, north of the city centre. 

Mimibuses to Yangshuo (Y10)leave the train station forecourt (or from the kerb-side across Zhongshan Lu) through the day whenever full. 

Bus # 2 takes you grom Guilin to Yangshuo 


Guilin Flowers Int. Youth Hostel (Huamanlou)

Recommended by travelers


Behind the plaza hotel, opposite the train station: facing the hotel follow the building around to the left and you will se the blue Hosteling International sign; walk through a dreary alley to the back of the hotel, take the equally uninspiring stairs up a flight and you will find this hostel.

Bus Station; The hostel is about 10-minute walk from bus station.

South train station: The hostel is in front of the train station.

North Train Station: Take no.1 to xiangzhang stop,the hostel is about

10-minute walk from the bus stop.

Airport: Take airport bus to the sorth train station, the hostel is about

5-minute walk from the bus stop.

Address: 6 Shangzhi Lane, Block 2, South Zhongshan Road, Guilin View Map


e mail:

Telephone +86 773 3964715, 3839625

E-mail: or

Tel: 0773-3839625, 3845275

Price - Dorm beds from US$3.86. Private rooms from US$3.86/person. Price may vary

by season. 

Guilin Backstreet International Youth Hostel

Opened in March 2005, this new hostel is the second international youth

hostel in Guilin.

Location: No. 3, Renmin Road, Guilin


Tel: 86-773-2819936 

Guilin Backpackers Inn

This hostel is five minutes' walk from the North Railway Station and 15

minutes by bus from the center of Guilin.

Location: No. 72, Yongding East Lane, Yingfeng Road, near North Railway

Station, Guilin, Guangxi, China



Tel: 86-773-2170982 

Overseas Chinese Mansions (huaqiao dasha), 39 Zhongshan Nan Lu (383 5753; fax 383 5614). From the station, take bus #4 or 11 to Nanxi Park, and backtrack a few minutes; or turn right as you exit the train station, and walk down Zhongshan Lu. Clean, well-furnished rooms away from the commotion, but within walking distance of the city center. Friendly staff. 24hr. hot water, A/C, bath, phone, and TV. 10% service charge. Dorms Y60; doubles Y120-250; triples Y300.  

Kexie Hotel (kexie zhaodaisuo), 3 Yiren Lu (282 5237). From the station, take the #1 to Century Sq. and walk down Yiren Lu past Zhengyang Lu. The hotel is on your right, opposite the Yiren Hotel. Clean rooms provide all the basic amenities (A/C, TV, phone, and bath) and look out into a pleasant open courtyard filled with plants. Singles are a bit small, but doubles are larger than average to compensate. Singles Y90; doubles Y100; triples Y120. 

Imperial City Hotel (huangcheng fandian; 4 Feng Bei Lu (282 9453). North of the post office, right around the corner from Solitary Beauty Peak, on the corner of Feng Bei and Zhongshan Zhong Lu. The location may be more removed from the train and bus stations, but it puts you closer to the northern sights. Singles with squatter toilets are small; large doubles are virtually indistinguishable from pricier counterparts in other hotels. 24hr. hot water, A/C, TV, and phone. Singles Y50; doubles Y90. 

Lakeside Hotel (hubin fandian; ), 2 Ronghu Bei Lu (282 2665), on Rong Lake. Take bus #2 from the station area to Yang Qiao (the corner of Ronghu Bei Lu and Zhongshan Lu). The hotel's slight removal from Zhongshan Lu and proximity to Fir Lake make for a nice atmosphere. Rooms are scattered throughout a couple of buildings in a central courtyard and offer all the basics. Currency exchange, IDD service, and convenience counter. Hot water 7:30-1 1:30pm. Singles Y100; doubles Y110; triples Y120. 

South Stream Hotel (nanxi fandian), 84 Zhongshan Nan Lu (383 4943), opposite the train station. Convenient location for late-night arrivals with very comfortable rooms to justify the price, and even a bellhop if you need one. A/C, bath, phone, and TV. Hot water 7:30-11:30pm. Singles Y150; doubles Y150-180; triples Y150. 

Ocean Hotel (haiyang fandian), 95 Zhongshan Nan Lu (383 3688), just south of the bus station. Basic rooms in this central location have A/C, bathtubs, phone, and TV. Hot water 7am-9pm. Singles and doubles Y80. 

Bus # 58 is a tourist freebie (anything that begins with "5" should be free) that runs to many local sights including Xiangbi Shan, Seven Star Park and Reed Flute Cave. Local buses cost between Y1 and Y1.5. From 8:30am to 4:30 pm runs from Nanxi Park in the south to Reed Flute Cave, stopping along the way at Elephant Hill, Seven Star Park, Fubo Hill and Diecai Hill. Another free sightseeing minibus travels a similar loop from from Seven Star Park to Reed Flute Cave between 8:40am and 4:00pm but passengers are required to show their entrance tickets to at least one of the sights. A taxi ride around town cost cost around Y20, motorcicle taxis charge only Y5 per trip. 

Diecai Shan (folding Brocade Hill)- the city's highest peak (233m), Y13, 6:30am-6:30pm (vave 7am-4pm), bus # 2 or 58. 

Solitary Beauty Peak (Duxiu Feng, Y15). Can be reached by bus number #1 or #2 from Guilin train station.  

Fubo Shan - Close to Solitary Beauty peak (Y10) offers equally good views 

Seven Star Park (qi1xing1 gong1yuan2) Y25-Y35: 7am-7pm, Y20, bus # 10 from Zhongshan Lu stops outside (directly east over the river from the city). Putao, Lutao Shan, Qixing Dong. 

The other sights lie west of the centre on the number #3 bus route from opposite the train station on Zhongshan Lu. Around 2 km out, Xi Shan (the Western Hills) Y20, is an area whose peaks are named after Buddhist deities. 

Reed Flute Cave (Lu2di2 yan2): 6km north of Guilin the number #3 bus will take you there (daily 8:30am-4:30pm Y80). You are meant to follow one of the tours that run every twenty minutes but you can always linger inside and pick up a later group if you want to spend more time. 

Longji terraced fields - Situated northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 100km away from Guilin, the Longji terraced fields is a fascinating scenic spot for tourist. Being one of the 12 top class scenic spots in Guangxi Province, the fields has a history of 600 years, which were first constracted in yuan dynasty and completed in early qing dynasty.

Longsheng- some two hours from Guilin, sits on Rongshui River. Accommodation: The Riverside Tiger Hotel (according to LP it's Riverside Hotel, Kai3kai3 Lushe, dm Y10, down the road to Guilin),(0773-7511-335, Y20 per person is a basic friendly hostel run by an English Teacher about 100m south of the bridge on the Guilin Road. Scores of daily buses run on from Longshen to Guilin (daily 6am-6pm), Y11, there are also luxury coaches to Guilin at twice the price. Minibuses from Longji Titian area leave at 9:20am, 12:40pm and 4pm (Y6.5). You can leave extra bags at Longsheng's bus station for Y3 a day.

Longsheng Travel Services (Longsheng Luyou Gongsi, 751-7566), next to the bus station, they should be able to arrange transport, guides and tours to the surrounding sights.

Longji Titian -(Y30) (map LP p 618) a range of hills 20km to the south east whose name translates as "Dragon's Spine Terraces". Village of Ping2 An1 in about an hour on minibuses from Longsheng's bus station. Y30 entry fee.. Many places offer accommodation at around Y15 a person in a simple room with shared toilets and showers, with meals extra. The best atmosphere is at family run businesses such as Li4qing2 lu3she4 0773/758-2412. Minibuses head back to to Longsheng at 7:30am, 10:40am, 2:10pm, and 5:30pm.

The 600 years old Zhuang village of Ping'an is a small traveller's centre. It's only 1/2 hour's walk up a beautiful stone path from Huangluo. It's a superb base camp.

Buses to the terraces leave five times daily from 7:30 to 3:00pm (Y4.5/6.5 to base/top) from Longsheng bus station. Some busses will drop you off at the base of the terraces and continue on to Shuanghekou, so ask where you'll be deposited. The trip is only about 20km but busses stop in Heping to pick up more passengers dragging the trip out to 1 1/2 hrs. Returning to Longsheng buses usually depart from the car park near the beautiful covered bridge at the entrance to to Ping'an at 7:20am, 8:50am, 11:00am, 1pm, 3pm and 4:50pm. The entrance fee is collected on the main road along the valley bottom and checked just before the covered bridge. A basic dorm in Ping'an costs Y15-20. Easiest to access in Ping'an is Countryside Cafe&Inn (Xiangcun Luguan, 758-3020, offers clean rooms and good food.

Buses leave the the Longsheng bus station every 10 to 15 minutes for Guilin (Y12 four hours) and express buses depart every two hours (Y15, 3 hours). 


map LP p 612, 616, for free maps. 

65km south of Guilin, Cafes and hotels can organize taxi rides from Yangshuo directly to the airport (Y75, or Y300 according to RG, one hour).

Busses from Guilin to Yangshuo (Y10-Y13) leave if front of the train station in Guilin, every 5 to 15 min. Yangshuo bus station is to be relocated further to the east, then south along Kongzhan Lu, some 800m in all from it's current location (if yu see a peak (Xilang Shan) to the north you are at the old bus station. 

Internet Access (wang3ba1), 20m north down an alley between Chengzhong Lu and Xi Jie (Y3 per hour).

Post office (you2ju2), Pantao Lu 8am-5pm (IP cards Y2.4-Y3.6 per minute for international calls).

Dangers and Annoyances: Yueliang Shan (moon Hill) is particularly popular with muggers who have wounded their victims with knifes; don't stray off alone. Yahgshuo is also the scene of many rip-offs, from hotel deposits to dodgy tours. 

Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Feng, Y27) in the south eastern corner of town, Yangshuo's main peak, in the Mountain Water Garden 

Cormorant Fishing Tours begin around 7pm (Y25). According to RG Y100 for four person 90min trip. 

Around Yangshuo: 

Yueliang Shan (Moon Hill Y9), the view from the top is incredible. To reach this spot by bike, take the main road south out of town towards the river and turn right on the road about 200m before the bridge. Cycle for about 50 min - Yueliang Shan is on your right. 

Yulong River - From Yangshuo head towards Yueliang Shan. Before crossing the bridge over Yulong River, turn right down the dirt trail. 

River excursions:

A popular riverboat trip is to the willage of Fuli, a shord distance down Li River. A couple of boats a day putter to Fuli from Yangshuo for around Y40, although most people tend to cycle there, it's a pleasant ride and takes around one hour. 

The most popular places to stay are on Xi Jie. 

Yangshuo International Youth Hostel (Xijie Guoji Qingnian Luguan 882-0933,,, 102 Xi Jie; dm/tw from Y20/80 

Lisa's Cafe (Lisha Jiudian, 882-217,; 71 Xi Jie, dm Y15, s/d Y60/Y80 

Bamboo House and Inn&Cafe (Zhulin Fandian, 882-3222,, dm with bath Y15, d/tr with bath Y40/Y60; Down a small lane off Xi Jie. Good bathrooms. 

Riverside Retreat (882-7708,, s&d $80, with internet access. On the road to Yueliang Shan, 4 km from town, family run place on the banks of Yulong River, (Yulong He), 24hr hot water, clean, heated rooms, Internet access and excellent food. 

Hotel California, 35 Xian Qian Jie 0773/8825-559, Budget favourite, dorm beds Y20, doubles with and without bathrooms. 

Peace, Xian Qian Jie, behind the riverfront Bank of China, 0773/, One of the best deals in town, in a quiet street just off Xi Jie. Large rooms with bathrooms. Y50-Y80. 

Wanchang Xin, Guihua Xiang, an alley between Xi Jie and Guihua Lu, 0773/8814-066, Friendly management but buildings is a bit narrow and claustrophobic, but rooms are spotless and cosy, dorms $25. 

Mid range: 

Hotel Explorer (Wenhua Fandian 882-8116,, s/d with bathroom Y100 or more after renovation). 

Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel is located in behind of the famous West

Street in Yangshuo. It is very easy to go to Yu Long River and Moon Hill

Area so on. 

There are 10 rooms and 29 beds in Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel. Only 5

mins on foot, from the hostel to the Yangshuo bus station. 

In Yangshuo Backstreet Youth Hostel, Enjoy all... 

Yangshuo Backstreet YH

Address: 60 Gui Hus Nan Lane, West Street , GuiLin , GuangXi

Telephone +86 773 8814077


Post Code 541900 

Guilin Flowers Blossom YH

Address: 2nd floor, 6 Shang Zhi Lane Zhong Shan Nan Road , GuiLin , GuangXi

Telephone +86 7733 3839625, 3845275 Fax +86 773 3845275

Post Code 


Wuhan 武汉(Wuchang 武昌,Hankou 汉口,Hanyang 汉阳)

Wudang Mountains (Wudang Shan 武当山) 

Map RG page 513, 498 

An airport coach between the airport and Hankou Railway Station departs when full; board near the airport entrance. The trip takes 1 hour and costs ¥25 ($3). Complimentary shuttle buses to the airport leave from the China Southern (Nanfang Hangkong Gongsi) office on Hangkong Lu (either side of the Ramada Plaza) 2 hours before their flights. Buses from the airport to town leave 1 to 2 hours after China Southern arrivals. The trip takes 30 minutes. A taxi to Hankou should be ¥50 to ¥70 ($6.25-$8.75), plus a ¥15 ($1.85) toll. Stand in the taxi queue and use the meter. Ignore independent drivers who will offer to drive you for hundreds of yuan. 

Wuhan has a number of railway stations, but the two major terminals are Hankou Huochezhan (mostly northbound) and Wuchang Huochezhan (mostly southbound).You can avoid the lenghty station queues by using agencies or the advance purchase office at the southern end of Xinhua Lu. At both stations, Y5 extra gets you into a smarter waiting room and out to the train earlier. Major connections from Wuchang Station are Beijing (T79/T80; 10 hr.; hard sleeper ¥280/$35); Guangzhou (2269/2270; 10 1/2 hr.; hard sleeper ¥280/$35); Kunming (K109/K110; 32 hr.; hard sleeper ¥320/$39); and Shanghai (K122/123; 19 hr.; hard sleeper ¥201/$25). Major connections with Hankou Station are fewer: Beijing (T77/T78; 12 hr.; hard sleeper ¥281/$35); and Chongqing (T257/T258; 15 hr.; hard sleeper ¥272/$33). 

Tickets can be booked 3 days in advance at the respective stations. Hotels and CITS will book tickets for a ¥50 ($6.25) fee. 

The two main long-distance bus stations are the Hankou Changtu Qichezhan on Jiefang Da Dao at the Youyi Lu intersection (mostly northbound), and the Wuchang Changtu Qichezhan, northeast of the railway station on Wuluo Lu (mostly southbound). Buses for Shanghai leave from both stations (15 1/2 hr.; ¥360/$43). It's best to buy tickets a day in advance. 

The Yangzi ferry terminal is an unmissable white tiled building on Yangjiang Dadao in Hankou: the ticket office (027-828-39546, daily 8:30am-5:30pm) is downstairs at the north of the building. 

The newest addition to Wuhan's transport infrastructure is a light rail line that began operating at the end of 2004. It is currently exclusive to Hankou but is being extended to Wuchang. It runs along the old rail line on Jing-Han Da Dao, making stops every kilometer. It is operational between 6:30am and 9:30pm, and tickets cost ¥3 (40¢) 

Useful bus routes:

For sightseeing: Dian Zhuan (Electric Special) # 1, not to be confused with any other #1 bus or trolleybus - the characters for dian zhuan are displayed either side of the number. It runs from Yanhe Dadao in Hankou, via Hanyang and the Great Changjiang Bridge, and then links the Yellow Crane Tower with Changchun Guan and the provincial museum. Other useful buses are: #38, #503, #507 (45-90min) #595. 

Getting Around -- Standard taxi rates are ¥8 ($1) for 3km (2 miles), then ¥1.40 (20¢) for each additional kilometer up to 7km. Above 7km (4 1/3 miles), add 50% per kilometer. 

CITS (Zhongguo Guoji Luxingshe 8578-4125, 26 Taibei Yilu), it's in Hankou opposite the the Swiss-belhotel on the park (the building entrance has aa CITS sign. Take the lift to the 7th floor. Bus # 9 stops near the western end of Taibei Yilu on Xinhua Lu; from there it's a five minute walk. 

China Travel Services (CTS, Zhongguo Luxingshe, 8285-5259; 142 Yanjiang Dadao). Across from the Wuhan ferry terminal, has staff members who speak English. 

WuHan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel

368 Zhong Shan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Zipcode: 430061 (邮编)

Bus 511, 543, 717

E-Mail :,             Website:

Telephone:                 - 


* Wuchang Southern Railway Station

* Take both Bus No: 43 and 511 will take you to the Hostel.

* Get off at the Four bus stop 'pang xie jia' form the railway station.

* You will see a Constrution Bank on the opposite side of the road ,walk to the bank,turn left walk up about 50 MR to the art gallery,will be on your right hand side... and look out for our hostel sign board...

* Hankou Railway Station

* Take Bus No 10 and get off at 'pang xie jia' busstop.

* You will see a Constrution Bank on the opposite side of the road ,walk to the bank,turn left walk up about 50 MR to the art gallery,will be on your right hand side... and look out for our hostel sign board...

* You can take airport shuttle bus to 'Fujiapo' busstop, then transfer to Bus No 543 go to 'pang xie jia' busstop.

* You will see a Constrution Bank on the opposite side of the road ,walk to the bank,turn left walk up about 50 MR to the art gallery,will be on your right hand side... and look out for our hostel sign board...

* Taix from Airport will cost about (100 yuan)


Dorm bed 55 RMB

Double room 260 RMB

Did you know... you can book up to 30 nights in this property? 

From the hostel to the attractions of Wuhan: You can easily get convenient transportation, no detours, save money and save worry! WuHan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel is the center of Wuchang district, the heart of Wuhan's scenic attractions. 

The distance from youth hostel to Yellow Crane Tower is less than 2.5km. It takes about 30 minutes by foot, only 3 stops by NO.10 bus from the station in front of the hostel. 

For a memorable walk over the Yangtze River, the First Bridge is about 3km from the hostel. You can get there by walking, or take bus NO.576 or 43 to Zhonghua Road, just 4 stops away. 

The distance from the hostel to the First Yangtze River scene-viewing Platform is about 3km. Go there by walking, or by taking the NO.10 bus to Lanwanjunyuan, only 4 stops. 

The distance from the hostel to HUBUXIANG, the first Snack alley in Middle China, is only 2km. Walk for 25 minutes, or take bus NO.573 or 717 to SIMENKOU. Only 4 stops away from treating your tongue to a fantastic tour of Wuhanese cuisine. 

Wuhan University, which has over 100 years history, is only 8km from the hostel. Easily reachable from bus 606. 

To Wuhan's East Lake, reputable as one of the most scenic spots, as well as the largest lake within a city, is less than 10km, and also convenient to look around by bus. 

From the hostel to the famous Hubei provincial museum is less than 10km, also serviced by bus. 

The distance from the hostel to Guiyuan Temple, a key Buddhist temple for the Han dynasty, and GuqinTai will only take 30 minutes by bus from the hostel. 

You can go to Jianghan Walking Street, that the longest commercial walking street in China for shopping and perusing. And the transportation is very convenient too, just take the bus NO.606 and get off at Wuhan harbor after about 40 minutes.

The hostel is next to the only historical culture block in Wuhan city; you can go for a walk and meditate on the past at your leisure. 

Staying in the Wuhan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel, a suggested itinerary: 

The First day: Get up early and have local snacks for breakfast at the HUBUXIANG Snack Alley (the snacks of Wuhan are quite plentiful and delicious!). After walking 50 meters, you can reach the First Bridge over the Yangtze River. Climb the stairs of the Bridge and enjoy the view of the Yellow Crane Tower. Then, you could visit the memorial hall of the Xinhai Shouyi Revolution in the neighborhood. Then cross the bridge to the Han yang district. By that way, you could go to Guqin Tai, which is just 200 meters away from the Han yang bridgehead. Then visit the Guiyuan Temple by walking or by bus before busing back to hostel! 

The Second day: Get up and leave for Zhonghua Road by bus. Go to the Qingchuan Pavilion by the ferry shuttling from the Yellow Crane Tower to the Qingchuan Pavilion. Then stroll to the famous small commodities market in Hanzheng Road or go to the walking street in Jianghan Road and have a walk along the Wuhan Bund (and it isn't inferior to the Shanghai Bund). Enjoy snack in Jiqing Street before heading back to Wuchang by shuttle ferry on Wuhan harbor, and enjoy the fine view of the Yangtze River on the way. Finally, enjoy the beautiful night skyline of Hankou on the First Yangtze River scene-viewing Platform. Come back to the hostel by walking or by bus. 

The Third Day: Start for Wuhan University from hostel. Go to the East Lake from the University's Lingbo Gate after strolling the campus. Go on a tour of the East Lake by the sightseeing bus. The wind blowing on your face from this great and famous lake is a really pleasing feeling. Go to the Hubei provincial museum and have a look at the old Chinese bronze bells. Then to the Hongshan Square by foot or bus to watch the doves of peace before returning back to the hostel. 

The most beautiful scene in Wuhan: the East Lake

The most prepossessing towel in Wuhan: the HongShan Pagoda

The most special temple in Wuhan: the Gude Temple

The most classic construction in Wuhan: the First Bridge over the Yangtze River

The most famed snack in Wuhan: the hot and dry noodle

The best view for lovers in Wuhan: the Guqin Tai 

The Specific Location:

The address of the hostel is Zhong Shan Road #368, Wuhan (Wuchang District). If you come from the Wuchang Railway Station or from Dadonmen by city bus, please get off the bus at the PANGXIEJIA(螃蟹甲 Station, cross the street walk back for about 60 meters. The hostel is behind the Hubei Provincial Acamedy of Fine Arts, across from the FengHuanglou Restaurant(凤凰酒楼) Enter the yard and turn left when you see the stone lion. From here you can see WUHAN Pathfinder International Youth Hostel.  If you come from the PANGXIEJIA螃蟹甲 bus stop, just go ahead and find the Chufeng Art bookstore(楚风艺术书店). Our hostel is in the yard behind the bookstore! It's quite easy to find the Pathfinder International Youth Hostel no matter if you come by train, bus, plane, or boat.

WU CHANG Railway station : Bus NO.511 or 43 to PANGXIEJIA(螃蟹甲) The distance from the railway station to the hostel is only 2 kilometers. A taxi would cost you 6-7 RMB. WU CHANG HongJi Bus station (1.5 km): Bus NO.543 or 43 to PANGXIEJIA 螃蟹甲


                            螃蟹甲                                  ∶                                              螃蟹甲                                

                      傅家坡                                                                         螃蟹甲                                                      





Wuhan University Foreign Student Dormitory (Liu2xue2sheng1lou2, 8768-2813, dorm bed Y40, air cond.) In eastern Wuchang, via bus No 12 from Zhonghua Lu pier and then a 30 min walk uphil via Xuefu Lu and Wenti Lu, this is the cheapest place in town (phone first). THis dormitory also has clean, basic doubles. About 200m from here is a guesthouse ((8768-2930), tw with bathroom and air cond Y180) for visiting scholars and students and which you'll probably be referred to. 

Hanghai Binguan (Marine Hotel, 8874-0122, fax 8807 8717, 452 Zhongshan Lu, s/d from Y128/138, Doubles Y138-170; triples Y168-190 airc'd). diagonally opposite the Wuchang train Station, near Ziyang Lu. Exit the train station and cross the street; it's a 10-15min. walk to the left. Pay attention to the characters: the nearby Marine Fandian, doesn't accept foreigners, very helpful staff, solid restaurant, ticket booking,. Bus # 507 from the Wuchang train station chugs tot he ferry terminal in Hankou. 

Mengtian Hu Binguan (Mengtian Lake Hotel, 8579-6368 ext 8188, 1305 Jiefang Dadao, s/d from Y78/108, airc'd). Next to the Hankou longdistance bus station, this hotel has variety of rooms, from simple to comfy. 


Wuhan Yangzi River Hotel (wuhanshi yangzi jiang jiudian; 104 Jianghan Lu (8283 1193 or 8285 4962). Walk on Zhongshan Dadao, 1 block from the river. Good price and location. All rooms have A/C, attached bath, phone, and TV. Singles and doubles Y70; triples Y80; quads Y90.

Guanshengyuan Hotel (guanshengyuan dajiudian; 109 Jianghan Lu (8281 2658; fax 8282 5317), on the left, about 1 block past Zhongshan Dadao, heading away from the Yangzi. In the heart of Hankou's main shopping district. Rooms come with attached baths. 24hr. broadband Internet on 2nd fl. Y2 per hr. Singles Y128; doubles Y138; triples Y188.

Rongcheng Hotel (rongcheng binguan, 8283 7402), near the intersection of Yanjiang Dadao and Jianghan Lu. Tucked into a quiet corner, within a 5min. walk of the waterfront and nearby passenger ferry terminal. Doubles with A/C, TV, and bath Y138-268; triples Y160-298.


Bountiful Skies Hotel (tianfeng binguan), 510 Zhongshan Lu (8832 5079 or 8832 5323), across from the train station. Clean singles Y48, with A/C and bath Y88; doubles Y68, with bath Y98; triples with bath Y108.

Wuhan Postal Hotel (wuhan youzheng binguan; 385 Zhongshan Lu (8808 4562; fax 8807 7375), next to the train station. Brightly lit on the outside, dimly lit on the inside. Long corridors with dark wood and red carpeting evoke a 1950s atmosphere. Singles with A/C and TV Y70; standard doubles with bath, A/C, phone, and TV Y118-170; triples Y220.

Exquisite Leaf Hotel (jiaye binguan) 496 Zhongshan Lu (6888 6708; fax 6888 6670), at Ziyang Lu, near the train station. Neoclassical statues and chandeliers await you in the lobby, behind the European facade and wrought-iron gates. Dark rooms with few windows don't live up to their palatial introduction. Reservations recommended; rooms often fill up by 9 or 10pm, if not earlier. Singles with A/C and shared bath Y70, with attached bath Y148-208; doubles Y168-188; triples Y228-288. 

Haory Guesthouse - Wuchang in Wuhan

Luojiashan Buliding, Jiedao Kou, Wuhan

Beds From


(CNY 67.00) 

Wuhan Airport 

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is the biggest airport in central China, located 26km northwest of Wuhan. Transport to and from the airport to the city is convenient. Airport coaches go between the Hankou bus terminal and the airport. The journey takes approximately 23 minutes (RMB15).  

-Buying Ticket after the Normal Time

If you haven't bought the ticket,you can come to the counter for buying ticket after the normal time in the departure hall in the waiting building. 

-Regular Bus

The luxury Bus leaves for the airport from Jin Jiadun Distance Bus Passenger Station(in the opposite of Hankou Railway Station) every one hour.You can take the airport big-bus or take taxi outside of the Arrival Hall in the Waiting Building.


Wuhan Tianhe Ticket Office(MeiYuan Hotel)

08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00

12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00

16:00 17:00 18:00

Haikou Passenger General Station(in the opposite of Hankou Railway Station)

07:00 08:30 09:30 10:30

11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30

15:30 16:30 17:30 18:30 

Wuhan Trains 

If you are coming from or heading to Jiangxi province and further on to Anhui, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Hankou station is where your train will leave from and arrive at. 

To complicate matters even further, Wuchang and Hankou have a few railway stations. The major passenger station in Wuchang is south of the city center, known simply as "Wuchang Station" while the biggest station in Hankou is in the west of the town, known as "Hankou Station". A lot of public transportation will take you to the stations, but bear in mind the station names in case you mistake them with others. 

One thing to bear in mind about trains in and out of Wuhan is that the Yangtze River creates a divide many trains cannot cross. Often therefore, it is easier to cross the river by bus as many train journeys either involve a long and complicated route or are practically impossible. 

By Bus:

Transportation to Wuhan by bus is fairly convenient. New express routes have been constructed in the past year and destinations as far away as Nanjing and Shanghai can be reached on an overnight trip. In Hankou, the major station is on Jiefang da dao at the intersection of Youyi Lu. This is the biggest station in the city and buses to some northern cities leave and arrive from here. In Wuchang, the bus station is on Wu Luo Lu. Buses to some southern cities leave and arrive from here. Buses for Nanjing, Shanghai and Hefei leave from both stations. (Telephone: 8579-2424) 

By Boat:

Wuhan is situated along the edge of the Yangtze river, and there are now passenger ships between Wuhan and Shanghai and Wuhan and Chongqing. This is not however, a speedy means of transport. For instance, ships from Shanghai to Wuhan take 3 days, although the fare is pretty cheap, only around RMB150 for a hard sleeper. 

Boats are available daily between the aforementioned routes. 

Hubei Provincial Museum

Admission Fee: CNY 50

Opening Hours:

08:30-12:00 (No admission after 11:30)

13:30-17:00 (No admission after 16:30)

Bus Route: 14, 552, 578, 605, 701, 709, 712, 402, 411

Hubei Provincial Museum, located in the Wuchang District of Wuhan, Hubei Province, is the only provincial comprehensive museum in the province. Since 1953, the museum has collected over 200,000 cultural relics, including pottery, porcelains, jade, bronze vessels, ancient weapons, and ancient musical instruments. Among these cultural relics, 812 are listed as first-class relics of China, and 16 are considered national treasures.


To Wudang Shan (武当山) 

The best times to visit are April through June and September through October, when the leaves turn as red as the gorgeous temple walls.

Getting There -- The train from Wuchang to Shiyan stops in Wudang Shan village at 5:30am (K782/783, K784/781; 7 hr.; hard sleeper ¥127/$15). Unless you're staying more than a few days, buy your return ticket as soon as you arrive. The return train leaves at 11pm each day (to Wuhan Y70, 7hr). Only hard-seat tickets are available at the ticket office but you can upgrade once on board.

Less convenient, buses from Wuhan go to Shiyan (11 hr.), where you transfer to a minibus to Wudang Shan. Buses wait for passengers in front

of the railway station and depart when full. The ride takes 30 to 45 minutes and costs ¥10 ($1.25). 

Wudangshan (used to be called Lao3ying1) is a small market town with the mountain range rising to the south of the town. It's about 120 km west of Xianfan, a transport hub on Hanshui River.

-Wudang Shan is on the railway line from Wuhan to Chongqing. Few trains stop and you may have to take a minibus to/from either Shi2yan4(十堰) (Y5, one hour) or Liu4li3ping2 (one hour); the former station has trains to Yichang and north into Shaanxi. There are daily trains from Xianfan (Y35, two hours).

-There are buses here until late afternoon and daily trains from Xiang1fan2 (襄樊), or you can leave transport 25km farther west at the city of Shiyan and catch a minibus back to Wudang Shan (Y10) from opposite Shiyan train station.

Taishan Miao (Y2) a small temple museum, look south into the backstreets beside the bus station, and you will see a road which passes under a railway arch; follow it down and on the left before the arch and you will find it (inside you can find illustrated medical scroll describing how the phases of the moon affect different organs). 

It is posible to hike from the town to the summit in about 8 hours - the footpath starts near the train station, past the bridge to the east (from there to the main temples and trail head is another 12km (7 miles). Most people catch one of the ubiquitous minibuses (Y10) to the roadhead 3/4 of the way up near Nanyang Gong (entrance fee around ¥130 (FM) Y75 (RG)). map of the area can be bouth at the park gates. Another option is to take a minibus to the cable car at Qiongtai (Y35 each way) which will take you to the summit..Best preserved from the Ming dynasty building boom is Wudang Shan's Zixiao Gong (Purple Mist Palace), located on Zhanqi Peak (below the cliff Taizi Yan). This large, still very active monastery was built in 1413. Its striking red halls often bustle with priests and pilgrims. The most dramatic of the existing temples, Nanyan Gong (Southern Cliff Palace), is built into the side of a sheer cliff, recalling Northern Heng Shan's Xuankong Si -- another Daoist temple that seems to defy gravity. 

There is a hostel (dorm beds Y25) just outside the temple gates on Tianzhu Peak (place run by daoist monks?). Taihe Gong offers very basic accommodations in their Daoist Association Hostel (Daojiao Xiehui Zhaodaisuo). The cost of ¥200 ($10) for two includes a room with twin beds, shared bathroom, and limited hot water. The Jinding Luguan, just below the Jin Dian, has comparable accommodations at similar rates. Both are clean and have restaurants. 

Dragon Head Rock, a two metre long slab sculptured with swirl and scales, which projects straight out over the void. 

It takes around 2 hours to walk from the hotel area to the top of Tainzhu Peak (Tian1zhu2 Fenf1, The heavenly Pillar peakthe highest peak, 1600m) along a comfortably paved path. Amost immediately you arrive at Lang mei Xian Ci, a small shrine dedicated to Zhang Sanfeng. The peak can be reached on foot in 2 1/2 hours up stone stairs. The views are magnificent. Save energy for the final very steep leg to the peak. Round-trip by sedan chair is ¥120 ($15). A cable car, which starts a short way up the mountain, goes to Taihe Si (near the peak). The 25-minute trip costs ¥70 ($5.65) one-way, ¥80 ($10) round-trip. 

Jin1ding3 Lu3guan3 695-0718, bed in d&tr Y44, with shared bathroom Y88, on Tianzhu Peak, just below the temple, bathroom and eating facilities are basic but there are fantastic views and chances to meet local monks. 

Bai3hui4 Shan1zhuang1 - 568-9191, tw Y88-120. Near Nanyan Temple, this is the best place to stay on the mountain. 

Jin1gui4 Da4jiu3dian4 (Jingui Hotel) the first building on the left, has clean, bright rooms. Ordianary rooms (pu3jian1) lack a bat but the owner will gladly let you enjoy the 24hr hot water in the private bath attached to standard room (biao1jian1), 568-9198, singles Y45, with bath Y80-Y100, doubles Y60-Y80. 


Wudang Shan

So please remember our net, China Wudang Net, and our telephone,



Currently the only method to travel from Wuhan to Huangshan is by bus. The bus starts from 'Fujiapo long-distance bus stop'

in Wuhan 9:10 am. The price is RMB168. The returning bus leaves Huangshan at 7:50 am or 16:20 pm. The price is RMB178.

You can take either seaters or sleepers on the bus. 

There is no flights to Wuhan now (April of 2007)

Day 15: Wuhan to foot of Huangshan by airplane (B,L)

There is time today to visit the Hubei Provincial Museum (good collection of artifacts from tomb dated 433BC) and exhibits of lacquerware, etc. Also a visit to the Asian Music Terrace before flight to Tunxi (Huangshan shi), leaving Wuhan at 2:00pm, and arriving Tunxi at 3:00pm.(Wuhan air U 533). Overnight at Huangshan International Hotel. 

Day 18: Tunxi - Shanghai (B,L)

Transfer to airport for China Eastern (MU) 5512 departing Tunxi at 8:50am and arriving into Shanghai at 9:40am. On arrival proceed for a tour of the Yu Gardens and Jade Buddha Temple before checking into the Portman Hotel. 


There is a bus from Tangkou to Wuhan. 

Huang Shan 黄山 








3-6 dorm bed US$8-5 per night 

Property Description

Huangshan International Youth Hostel is located at the central area of Huangshan City. It is only 100 meters away from the railway station and long distance bus interchange, while only 6 kms from the airport. 

The Huangshan area includes two famous world heritage sights - Mount Huangshan and Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui, Xidi and Hongcun. 

Mount Huangshan known as 'the loveliest mountain of China', was acclaimed through art and literature during a good part of Chinese history. Today it holds the same fascination for visitors, poets, painters and photographers who come on pilgrimage to the site, which is renowned for its magnificent scenery made up of many granite peaks and rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds. 

The two traditional villages of Xidi and Hongcun preserve to a remarkable extent the appearance of non-urban settlements of a type that largely disappeared or was transformed during the last century. Their street plan, their architecture and decoration, and the integration of houses with comprehensive water systems are unique to the area. 

Even the local cuisine of Huangshan is among the 8 most famous cuisines according to Chinese food culture. 

HuangShan City Bed and Breakfast, Huangshan, China

Flat 504, Floor 5, Building 11 (Tea Market), Huish, Tunxi, China.

3 Bed Private Shared Bathroom US$7.40


From train station:

Exit train station and proceed straight down Qianyuan Road. across the large intersection and continue for another 200 m. Take a right way and follow it for 150 m. Building 11 will be on your right hand side. Proceed to the back of the building and take the second set of stairs on the right to the 5th floor. Number 04 is on your left.

If you want us to pick you up from the train station, please let us know in advance the train number and arrival time. 

From bus station:

Take a right way and follow it for 150 m. Building 11 will be on your right hand side. Proceed to the back of the building and take the second set of stairs on the right to the 5th floor. Number 04 is on your left.

If you want us to pick you up from bus station please let us know in advance the busnumber and arrival time 

From airport:

Take a taxi to tea market and follow it for 150m. Building 11 will be on your right hand side. Proceed to the back of the building and take thesecond set of stairs on the right to the 5th floor. Number 04 is on your left.

If you want us to pick you up from the airport, please let us know in advance the flight number and arrival time. 

Property Description

150 metres away from train station and 6 kilometres away from airport.Huangshan City Bed and Breakfast features foreign tourists hostel.Offer many hostel amenities .Internet access,laundry service, kinds of tickets reservation .supermarkets around it.Hight customers rating and good reviews.New and clean. refined comfortable room. HuangShan Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to base your trip. We can arrange pick-up at either the railway station or the airport. Owned and operated by long time local Steven Huang, the HuangShan City Bed And Breakfast offers traditional Breakfast and dinner¡¯s. Steven is a renouned local chef who cooks the best traditional chinese meals in town. Breakfast is included, and Optional Dinners consist of multiple courses prepared to the liking of each guest. Satisfaction is guaranteed! 

Steven is fluent in English and an experienced guide in the area. Steven will also personally arrange Day tours of Local Villages, onwards travel and accomodation, including Further accomodation ontop of Mt HuangShan. 

There are four rooms available, including two , 2 single bed dorm and one Private double bedroom (both with Private On-Suite¡¯s and Televisions).One dorm with three beds. The western style bathrooms are clean, private, and maintained daily. Being the only operation of its kind in Huang Shan, This Bed and breakfast offers services unlike any other in HuangShan! 

LanYuan, Huangshan, China

No.c33, LongMin Shin Chun.Huang Kong , Tunxhi , Hu, China. 

4 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite * US$6.06 


6 minutes from From Train or Bus station of Huanshan city : it costs 6 RMB by taxi from train or bus station.

1.5 hours by bus to Mount.Huangshan. 

please call us before you arrive the local bus station or train station, we will arrange cab to pick you up if you need .

to know more details , please check website: www.hsghouse. 

Property Description

LanYuan is newly constructed and especially designed to be a bed & breakfast suitable for every type of tourist, families, couples, people travelling alone or in groups as well as backpackers! Every effort has been made for our guest to ensure they enjoy a quiet, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere!

We are located in the south of Huangshan city 6 minutes far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are two suites, with king-sized bed, inside with private shower room, a view balcony as well.where you can enjoy a cup of our locally grown chiense tea.

if you just want to relax, Meanwhile enjoy the melody of the birds and smell the aroma of tree from the nearby forest.

We have a two private rooms, one family room, one room with 3 single beds , as well as dorms! We offer very clean and comfortable accommodation and look forward to seeing you here! 

peast note: As the ccredit cards are not pouplar in Huangshan city, and we don't have any bank authorize the credit processing. therefore, we only accept cash of RMB currency. you can change your currency into Ramin money at China Bank in Huangshan City. 

Huang Shan City Garden, Huangshan, China

No. 10-2-202 Huangshan City, Huangshan City Garden, China. 


Location:It is located at downtown area of Huang shan city(New Street or Xin Jie-Chinese pronunciation shopping mall). The distance to railway and bus station is 700 meters!

Traffic:Take No.12 public bus at railway or bus station to this apartment at He Hua Chi-Chinese pronunciation stopºÉ»¨Ð´åÕ¾.No.2,3,6,7,12 public bus can reach this apartment at He Hua Chi-Chinese pronunciation stopºÉ»¨Ð´åÕ¾) Very convenient to take a taxi and tricycle(Ask driver to New Street East Entrance or Xin Jie Dong Men-Chinese pronunciation)! 

Property Description

Totally private big space(100 square meters,also 1100 square feet large) for short term stay(one night is ok!) or rent. Very clean and safe 2 bed rooms,1 living room,1 toilet room, 1 kitchen and dining room apartment 

Facility:24 hours Hot water shower and cable TV. Parking space is available in the community. 

Location:It is located at downtown area of Huang shan city(New Street or Xin Jie-Chinese pronunciation shopping mall). The distance to railway and bus station is 700 meters! 

Traffic:Take No.12 public bus at railway or bus station to this apartment at He Hua Chi-Chinese pronunciation stopºÉ»¨Ð´åÕ¾.No.2,3,6,7,12 public bus can reach this apartment at He Hua Chi-Chinese pronunciation stopºÉ»¨Ð´åÕ¾) Very convenient to take a taxi and tricycle(Ask driver to New Street East Entrance or Xin Jie Dong Men-Chinese pronunciation)! 

Interesting spot:The distance from this apartment to Ancient street(500 years history) is 800 meters! It is very very convenient to shop, eat, and enjoy night life!! There are 2 famous ancient architecture near this apartment. 

Huangshan airport is located in the Tunxi region, 7km away from the city center. It is a first class airport of China, with a high quality communicative system and a command facility. You can take a bus (RMB5) or a taxi (RMB15) to the city center. Now there are more than 17 cities which fly to Huangshan including: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hefei, Tianjin, Haikou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, Guilin, Kunming, Zhuhai, Hongkong and Macau.

You can catch a flight in the morning from Shanghai to Huangshan on China Eastern MU5511, (RMB460) 07:35-08:20, Shanghai-Tunxi Airport/Huangshan. On return, China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5584 (RMB460) leaves Tunxi for Shanghai at 20:40 every day and arrives at Shanghai Hongqiao airport at 21:30.

A taxi to the airport in Tunxi, 5km away from the center, should cost around RMB25. An airport bus leaves from outside the CAAC office, near the International Hotel, on Huangshan Lu. Tickets for this cost RMB5.

Tel: 0559-2934111, 2934144 

The airport closest to the conference hotel is Yellow Mountain Airport, also referred to as HuangShan Airport or TunXi Airport. The airport code is TXN 

By train:

Taking a train (Wan-Gan Line) you can get to Huangshan directly from many Chinese major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hefei, Jingdezhen, Nanchang, Xiamen, Yingtan, and Fuzhou. Entering Huangshan from the south gate, the most convenient way is to take the train to Tunxi railway station. If you decide to enter the mountain from the north, you can take a bus to Wuhu first and then get to the destination by train. The Huangshan railway station is at the Qianyuan north road of Tunxi region. Minibuses will take you from Tunxi/Huangshan City to Tangkou, the town at the foot of the mountain (One and a half hours, a negotiable RMB10-20), then it's another minibus (RMB 10-15) from Tangkou to either the eastern (Dong xian, Yungu si) or western (Xi xian, Ciguang ge) steps.

Tel: 0599-2116222 


There is one bus daily to Huangshan City from Shanghai, and two daily returns:

The first leaves Shanghai at 16:00 and arrives in Huangshan at 24:00 (RMB111 for a soft seat). The return buses (Huangshan-Shanghai) leave at 05:40 and 19:10 and take around 10hrs (RMB60). Buses leave from opposite the Huangshan train station, and tickets can be bought from here 

Getting There via Nanjing: Although you can leave for the Mountain on Friday morning, the best option is to get in to Nanjing for the 10pm Nanjing-Huangshan train. You can take either bus or train. Buses leave for Nanjing from the Hangzhou Road Bus Station, Shanghai, and take around three and a half hours. We recommend that you take the last bus at 17:30 (Daewoo RMB73, Nissan RMB86). You can then take a taxi (RMB10) to the nearby Nanjing train station (tickets can most easily be bought in the Station Square, through the train station x-ray machines). Take train No.2521 to Huangshan City/Tunxi, leaving at 22:18 (RMB21 hardseat, RMB61 hardsleeper, 8-9 hours) 

Inner Transport:


Huangshan scenic area is located at Tangkou town, 64km away from Tunxi bus station in Huangshan city. The journey takes 1-hour and costs RMB13. Take a minibus from Tangkou to Ciguang temple or Clouds valley temple (the two entries of Huangshan) RMB10/person. In addition, there are direct buses from Huangshan to Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Hefei, Huainan, Banbu, Ma'anshan, Wuhu, Anqing, Tongling, Jiuhuashan, Jingdezhen and Jiujiang. 


The starting price of a taxi in Huangshan city is RMB5 for 3km and RMB1.5/km. There are a lot of manpower tricycles in front of the railway station, generally RMB2/person. Taking a taxi from the railway station to Tunxi Laojie takes 6-7 minutes. 


There are two routes in Huangshan:

One is starting from the gate of Huangshan. You can get to the Celestial Capital Peak directly passing the Jade Screen, Lotus Flower Peaks, Bright Summit Peak, and to the West Sea, North Sea then descend from the back of the mountain. If you choose this route you will deplete your stamina, and feel very tired when you climb up to the top and it can feel very dangerous when you descend.

Another way starts from the Clouds Valley Temple to the White Goose Ridge passing the Beginning to Believe Peak to the North Sea. On the way the beautiful scenery will keep you occupied so that you will not feel tired. Also choosing this route, you needn't worry about the problem of accommodation and dining.

If your have abundant time and good stamina, you can walk along the road to visit the mountain, if not you can take a cable car. 


There are 3 cable cars in Huangshan, route time: 8:00-16:00 (winter: 6:30-16:30)

Clouds Valley cable: Clouds Valley Temple - White Goose ridge, whole length: 2804m, elevation: 773m (8 minutes, price for one way: RMB66).

Jade Screen cable: Mercy Light Temple - Jade Screen lou, whole length: 2176m, elevation: 752m, (8 minutes, price for one way: RMB66).

Taiping cable: Hibiscus ridge - Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion, whole length: 3709m, elevation: 1015m, (8 minutes, price for one way: RMB66).  

For foreign tourists, the best way to get to Huangshan is by flight. 

Huangshan Airport is situated in the west suburb of Tunxi of Huangshan city, 71 km from Mt. Huangshan scenic area. There are daily between Huangshan and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hefei (Capital city of Anhui Province). There are also flights (non-daily) from Xian, Guilin, Wuhan, Xianmen, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Kunming, etc.  

Mt. Qiyun (Qiyunshan) 

Qiyunshan, meaning a mountain touching clouds in Chinese, is located in Xiuning County, 20Km east of Huangshan City. Neighboring Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), it is attractive and peculiar for its natural landscape and being thickly studded with deep sacred sense. Development of Taoism in Qiyunshan should date as far back as Tang Dynasty (618-907) and reached the summit in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), during which, a large architectural complex in typical Taoism style was built. Monasteries, palaces, pavilions, platforms, towers etc. dedicated to Taoism and scattered in every corner of the mountain, give rise to the Taoism mystique and sanctity. [Photos ]


      Addmission: 38 CNY (Chinese Yuan)

      Opening Hours: 08:10 to 18:00

      Recommende time of stay: 4 to 5 hours

[How to get to Qiyunshan? ] 

Qiyunshan (also called "Mount Qiyun", Simplified Chinese: 齐云山           齊雲山                                                                             丹霞 地貌                                                                                                                                        


Guichi and Wuhu in Anhui province are both excellent places to start a trip to Huangshan 


Shanghai 上海 


Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel (Utels), Shanghai, China

No.300 Wuning Road,Putuo District, China. 



Arriving by train:

Take metro (line 3) from Shanghai Train Station to Caoyang Lu station.

Take bus No 63, 837 from Shanghai Train Station to Caoyang Lu station.

Take metro (line 3) from Shanghai South Train Station to Caoyang Lu station.

Transportation to major destinations:

Take bus No. 63, 837 to Shanghai Train Station.

Take bus No. 742, 966 to Shanghai West Train Station.

Take bus No. 63, 837 to Shanghai Long-distance Bus Station.

Take bus No.40, 321 to Jingan Temple.

Arriving by air:

From Hongqiao Airport:

1) Take taxi only 15 minutes to the hostel.

2) Take Bus No.224, 909,829 get off at Lujiazhai bus station.

3) Take Metro (line 3) get off at Caoyang Lu station.

From Pudong Airport:

1) Take shuttle bus to Shanghai train station, then change metra (third line) get off at Caoyang Lu station.

2) Take taxi only 40 minutes.

3) Take bus No.94

We are very centrally located. Get the Bus No.40.105.321.742.876.944.949 to Wuningxincun stop and you will arrive the hostel.

(3 yuan) Take the Subway route to Caoyanglu. Keep going 300 meters to arrive at the hostel.


Address: No.300 Nong, Wu Ning Road, Putuo district, Shanghai, China 200063



printing above address, and give it to taxi driver. 

Property Description 

Searching for a great place to stay in Shanghai? Look no further! This is Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel located at the intersection of Wuning Lu and Zhongshan Bei Lu just three stops from Shanghai train station by Metro line 3 and close to Jingan Temple commercial district.It is a largest YH in Shanghai and there are 150 rooms in this New YH . It is a sister YH of Beijing city central youth hostel (which largest YH in Beijing ) and Shanghai Maggie`s Youth Hostel. It is managed by Beijing Youth Hostels Asoociation and linked with Youth Hostels in other parts of China (etc.Xian and Chengdu ). In the close neighborhood, there is the Shanghai elevated highway. From the hostel, it is only 200-meter to walk to the Caoyang Lu metro station. And it's just 10 minutes to the Shanghai West Workers' Palace of Culture, and the Zhongshan Park commercial shopping area by walk. 

Behind the noisy street of down Shanghai, Shanghai City Central Youth Hostel is quietly located in the best part of the largest residential area in the city and within easy access of all transportation terminals. Buses and subway trains leave outside the hostel regularly to all areas. The transportation is convenient and it is easy to get around.  

We have excellent facilities and our services are of a high standard. Within the very short period it is widely accepted as one of the best hostels and gained excellent and wide reputation among the guests from all over the world. 

This is the largest hostel in Shanghai. The rooms are comfortable include ensuites, doubles, singles, and 4 bed dormitories with central air conditioning and individual controls in each of the 150 rooms. The hostel offers a computer/internet room, billiards, bar, and karaoke with jukebox. There is a 24-hour supermarket, breakfast bar, coffee lounge, ATM, IC/IP phones. Nearby the hostel there is KFC, Mc'Donald, Bi Feng Tang restaurant, Bank and post office.  

What to see and do:

daily tours arranged by:

1. One-day Zhouzhuang Water Village Tour

2. One-day Wuzheng Water Village Tour

3. One-day Shanghai City Tour

4. One-day Hangzhou West Lake Tour

5. One-day Suzhou Garden Tour

6. One¡ªday Wuxi Generations Senior Lake Tour

7. Two-days Suzhou&Hangzhou Tour

8. Two-days Nanjing Tour

9. Three-days Suzhou Wuxi&Hangzhou Toue

10. Four-days Huangshan Tour

11. Four-days Putuoshan Tour

dorm CAS7/night


dorm US$12/night 

Shanghai Guest House, Shanghai, China

3-12A, 398 Henan road(s), Hunagpu District, China. 


From Pudong International Airport - 40 kilometres, 50 minutes by bus : take airport shuttlebus Line 6 to Laoximen; walk 5 minutes (along Fuxing Road(E) to the East). 

From Hongqiao Airport - 20 kilometres, 30 minutes by bus : take bus 925 to People's Square; transfer to bus 980 to Fuxing Road(E); walk 1 minutes (along Henan Road(S) to the north). 

From Shanghai Railway Station - 5 kilometres, 20 minutes by bus : take bus 929 to Fuxing Road(E); walk 1 minutes (along Henan Road(S) to the north). 

Property Description

Shanghai Guest House is located in one of the most famous tourist attractions of Shanghai - Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar. 

It is only 10 minutes walk to the Shanghai Bund and less than 20 minutes walk to Nanjing Pedestrian Rd., People's Square and Xintiandi. 

Shanghai Guest House offers various facilities and services to meet the needs of every customer. We have clean bedrooms including double rooms, single suits and River View rooms with spectacular views of the Shanghai Pudong skyline and Huangpu River. 

To deliver a family atmosphere to our customers, we provide a convenient and heart warming service including free breakfast, free laundry, free internet access (including wireless internet access), free travel info, free public telephone service (only Shanghai city) as well as free ticketing service! 

twin, shared bth, US$13/night 

MINGTOWN Etour Youth Hostel, Shanghai, China

57, Jiangyin road, Huangpu District, China. 


Local transportation connections are extremely convenient in this central city area. Subway Lines 1 & 2 are both within easy walking distance and more than 50 bus lines are close at hand, including airport shuttle buses. Nearby at People's Square there are a wide variety of central departure location for neighborhood city tours and local area day trips. 

1:From Shanghai (PVG) Pu Dong International Airport :

1)Take No.5 shuttle bus to 'Middle Yan'an Road', then walk about 10 minutes to our youth hostel.

2)Take magnetic suspension train to MTR station 'LongYang Road' ,then take metro to 'People's Square',come out from 'NO.9 Exit' ,then walk 5 minutes to our youth hostel.

2.Hongqiao Airport:

Take No.925 bus to 'People's Square',then walk 5 minutes to our hostel.

3.Shanghai Railway Station:take metro No. 1 to'People's Square', come out from 'NO.9 Exit' ,then walk 5 minutes to our youth hostel.

4.Shanghai Meilong Railway Station:take metro No.1 to 'People's Square', come out from 'NO.9 Exit' ,then walk 5 minutes to our youth hostel. 

Property Description

The MINGTOWN Etour Hostel is located in the most developed city in China ?Grand Shanghai! It's conveniently located at the center of the city ?right in the People's Square district.Now we have finished refurbishing, and re-open to public in April.Welcome to our Youth Hostel!

The entire hostel is built in old-fashioned Shanghai residential style, and the flat construction design distinguishes it from skyscraper hotels. It has its own central courtyard as an open area for guest activities. The building's traditional brick façade suits the surroundings well, and opens directly onto the cultural attractions of one of Shanghai's Nong Tong (old-style narrow streets). 

The hostel holds 20 standard rooms and over one hundred bunk beds. Onsite facilities include a full service restaurant, bar, self-service laundry, common area internet terminals, local and long distance telephone service in each room, as well as a business center. All staff members speak moderate English, and are familiar with tourism points of interest and travel information. The hostel is also pleased to help guests with making travel arrangements and reservations. 

An abundance of famous sightseeing attractions are within walking distance. Within five minutes walk, you can reach the Nanjing Road pedestrian shopping district, the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Development Center, City Hall, and Grand Theater. Within 25 minutes, you can visit the Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, and the Temple of Culture. On special occasions, you can even watch fireworks and national holiday ceremonies right from the hostel balcony!

Please remember to bring passport with you when you come here.

Please phone us if you arrive later than the arrival time.Or else the booking would be cancelled automatically.

Private Single room has big bed in it suitable for 1 or 2 people.The price online is membership price. 

6/8 bed dorm US$6/5 per night 

Captain Hostel - Zhangyang Branch, Shanghai, China 

527 Laoshan Road (E), Pudong (Near Zhangyang Road), China.


- From "Pudong International Airport "

Bus No.6: Pudong International Airport - HuaDu Mansion - 5 minutes' walk 

- From "Hongqiao International Airpot"

Bus 925A: Hongqiao International Airport - People's Square - 

Bus 584: People's Square - HuaDu Mansion - 5 minutes' walk 

- From "Shanghai Train Station"

Metro Line 1:Shanghai Train Station - People's Square - Metro Line 2: People's Square - Dongchang Rd. - 10-15minutes' walk

Tunnel Line No.3: Shanghai Train Station - HuaDu Mansion - 5 minutes' walk

Bus 584: Shanghai Train Station - HuaDu Mansion - 5 minutes' walk 

- From "Xu Jia Hui Bus Station"

Metro Line 1: Xu Jia Hui - People's Square - Metro Line 2: People's Square -

Dongchang Rd. - 10-15minutes' walk 

Property Description

Located in LuJiaZui Financial & Trade Zone, Shanghai, the new branch hostel opened in PuDong District, operated by Shanghai Captain Hostel Group. 

5 minutes by taxi to Puxi, or the Bund. 

Hostel provides single private rooms, and 6 bed shared dorm rooms with bathroom ensuite. 

Captain Hostel, (chuan2zhang3 qing1nian2 jiu3dian4) Shanghai, China

No. 37 Fuzhou Road, China. 


Pudong International Airport

Bus No3: Pudong International Airport - Longyang Rd - Metro Line No.2- Henan Rd (near Nanjing Rd.) - 10minutes' walk 

Hongqiao International Airpot Bus 925A: Hongqiao International Airport-people's Square - 10minutes' walk 

Shanghai Train Station

Metro No.1: Shanghai Train Station - People's Square-10 minutes's walk. 

Xu Jia Hui Bus Station

Metro No.1: Xu Jia Hui - People's Square - 10minutes' walk 

Shiliupu Steamship Pier

Walking north along the Shanghai Bund in 10 minutes 


When you get off the Metro or the Bus you can also go to the Captain Hostel

by Taxi if your luggage is too heavy. The fee is 10 RMB. 

Property Description

This art-deco style building near the Bund was constructed in the 1920s. It now becomes a warm home of the back-packers from all over the world. The Captain hostel provides several kinds of room rates and types. You can certainly find what you like here. 

The Captain Hostel lies beside the Huangpu River, only one minute's walk to the famous Shanghai Bund and less than 10 minutes' walk to Nanjing Rd., People's Square and Yuyuan Garden. 

In the special-class cabins, there are luxury suites that meet the demands of higher need customers. 

The economical beds of the Sailor Bunks cater well to the needs of the back-packer. They are clean and distinctive. It is the ideal place for young people on tours to meet new friends. 


****(Discount China Internal Flight tickets up to 50% low from Shanghai to other cities, like Beijing, Kunming and other major cities, to enjoy this service, you MUST send us e-mail at least 6 days prior to your check-in to make the reservation in advance, so that we can have enough time to get best discount tickets for your transportation around China, train tickets booking service from Shanghai to Beijing or Xi'an or other major cities available upon request.) 

Pujiang Hotel, (pu3jiang1 fan4dian4) 15 Huangpu Lu (021-6324-6388, fax 6324-3179) www.pujiang Located across the Waibaidu Bridge north of the bund and slightly to the east, opposite the blue Russian Consulate Building, across Suzhou Creek from the Bund. Formerly the Astor Hotel and dating back to 1846. Good dormitory accommodation is available here, though the communal showers are a long trek away on the third floor. Dorm beds Y55. Take bus #64 from the main train station stops on Beijing Dong Lu at Jiangxi Zhong Lu. Continue along Beijing Dong Lu until you reach the Bund, then take left and cross Waibaidu Bridge. Pujiang is on the first street on the right. 

YMCA Hotel, (qing1nian2 hui4 bin1guan3) 123 Xizang Nan Lu (021-6326--1040, fax 6320--1957), Bright, practical and central; no frills, but well kept. Dorms Y125. 

Feng Ye Super8 Hotel (Da Lian Lu), Shanghai, China 

No.277 Da Lian Road, Hong Kou District, China. 


No.277 Da Lian Road,Hong Kou District,Shanghai 

20 kilometers to Pudong Airport.

5.5 kilometers to Shanghai Railway Station. 

Property Description

Feng Ye Super 8 Hotel is situated next to the Shanghai New North Bund, on Dalian Road. Main access to the tunnel crossing the Huangpu River is nearby, as well as the Financial District of Lujiazui and Shanghai's New International Expo Centre is also convenient to drive to. 

The hotel is only 2kms from Shanghai's famous Bund area along the Huangpu River, 2.5kms from the Chinese 1st street? C Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road. The hotel is only a 10 minutes drive from various business and commercial areas, shopping, tour attractions such as People's Square and North Sichuan Road.

The hotel has a total of 99 rooms including 8 Non-smoking rooms. 

Among the various types of guestrooms available, we also offer comfortable and spacious double-floor guestrooms. All guestrooms include free Internet access, individual air-conditioning units, TV, telephone, and standard furnishings and amenities. The Chinese restaurant offers a breakfast buffet, as well as delicious Shanghainese food and dim-sum. We also offer room-service for those that wish to dine-in. 

Feng Ye Super 8 Hotel provides good value and international standards along with the 'Clean and Friendly' service that are hallmarks of Super 8 Hotels worldwide 

Twin Private Ensuite * US$13.19 

Oriental City Hotel, Shanghai, China

No.1728 Shan Xi Road (North), China. 


1 km away from the Shanghai Railway Station (Bus 13, 63, 837, 922, 941 to Xi Kang Road Station)

12 km away from Shanghai South Railway Station (Method: Take Subway to Shanghai Railway Station, then take Bus No.837 to Xi Kang Road to the hotel)

20 km away from Hongqiao Airport (Bus No.941 to Xi Kang Road)

40 km away from Pudong International Airport (Airport Shuttle Bus No.5 to Shanghai Railway Station, then take Bus No.837 to Xi Kang Road)

2 km away from shopping district Nan Jing Road.

2 mins by foot to shopping mall.

There are many different bus routes in front of the hotel to anywhere of the city. 

Property Description

The hotel is close to the central railway station with easy access to the city center. It is near the Suzhou River. 

All the rooms have the private bathroom with shower or bathtub. The hotel has a fitness room, recreation and game room, restaurant. 

**All the rooms have the broadband internet access with CNY 20/day. Buffet breakfast is at CNY 10/person.** 

1 km away from the Shanghai Railway Station (Bus 13, 63, 837, 922, 941 to Xi Kang Road Station)

12 km away from Shanghai South Railway Station (Method: Take Subway to Shanghai Railway Station, then take Bus No.837 to Xi Kang Road to the hotel)

20 km away from Hongqiao Airport (Bus No.941 to Xi Kang Road)

40 km away from Pudong International Airport (Airport Shuttle Bus No.5 to Shanghai Railway Station, then take Bus No.837 to Xi Kang Road)

2 km away from shopping district Nan Jing Road.

2 mins by foot to shopping mall.

There are many different bus routes in front of the hotel to anywhere of the city. 

3 Bed Private Ensuite * US$9.78 

Bao Long Homelike Hotel (Zhongshan), Shanghai, China

1009 Zhongshan North Rd., Zhabei Area, Shanghai, China. 


Address:1009 Zhongshan North Rd., Zhabei Area, Shanghai 

Distance from the airport ( Km ):13

Distance from the railway station ( Km ):1 

Property Description

Bao Long Homelike Property (Zhongshan) is an economical and foreign hotel owning the new management idea, carried on by Shanghai Baolong Tourism Administration Co. Ltd. 

It possesses the unique Shanghai style, combining with the European and Japanese culture. The consolidated design pattern has revealed the flavor of Old Shanghai, adding the remembrance for the modern city. 

Hotel amenities include meeting facilities business center, beauty salon, as well as dining room. 

We are very reasonably priced and look forward to having you stay here. 

Double Bed Private Ensuite * US$10. 

Le Tour Shanghai Youth Hostel, Shanghai, China

136 Bailan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China, China. 

Property Description 

Le Tour Shanghai Youth Hostel is a simple and clean bed & breakfast hostel in the heart of Shanghai. With plenty of public transport links nearby, it makes a practical base for sightseers. We are within walking distance of East China Normal Univercity, East China University of Politics & Law, Suzhou River, Zhongshan Park, 5 minutes walk to 2 subway stations (Line 3 and Line 4) and over 20 bus lines passing by.

Le Tour Shanghai Youth Hostel is an ideal place for your travel in Shanghai and around Shanghai, (Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chinese water countries, i.e., Zhouzhuang, Tongli, and etc). Subway Line 3 and Line 4 connect Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Coach Station, and Shanghai Travel Center, ... 

We have double, twin, four and six bed rooms available . Every room has air-conditioning and all shared rooms have secure lockers. On the first floor, we have a bar, an entertainment room, a mini-gym, a reading room and a sitting room. 

We have a friendly atmosphere and very clean accommodation.  

Dorm bed CAS$9/night 

Koala International Youth Hostel, Shanghai, China 


(1) 2KM away from the Nanjing West Road, which is the shopping, tourist, business and entertainment center in Shanghai. 

(2) 2.5KM away from the City Center Airport Interchange.Guests can check in and take the shuttle bus (RMB19) to Pudong airport. 

(3) Direct bus or 20-minute taxi ride (about RMB25) to Hongqiao Airport. 

(4) 2KM or 10-minute taxi ride (about RMB10) to Shanghai Train Station 

Property Description 

The Koala Hostel is ideally located in the heart of the shopping, tourist, business and entertainment belt.  

We provide quality accommodation at affordable rates for tourists, businessmen, families and students. 

Our hostel aims to provide our customers with a different travelling experience. Sleeping is part and parcel of travelling. By providing a nice place to rest, relax and recuperate, we hope our customers would thus enjoy their stay in Shanghai. 

There's a lot more interesting happenings around Shanghai and The Koala would gladly bring you around as long as you ask. We will try our best to make your stay in Shanghai and The Koala a pleasant one. 

There is no curfew at the hostel; we have an electronic keypad lock at the front door, which means you can come and go as you wish, any time of the day. 

We have rooms with king sized beds, twin room, four beds room, and a luxurious family room.  

All rooms are air-conditioned with a comfortable private bathroom, and a complimentary big wardrobe. There is also a storage room provided at the reception for all check-in guests during their stay at The Koala. 

All rooms have cable TV, broadband Internet access, fridge and a microwave oven in the room. 

Customer comments

Tihs hostel is absolutely beautiful- it has only just opened so there are still some teething issues being worked out - but the staff were lovely and the facilities amazing. i marked down location because it isn't downtown in the city hub - but its still in a really nice area - near street vendors and supermarkets. its about a 20 minute walk to the main shopping street or a 12-20ish RMB taxi ride (depending on what end of the street you go to) to the main drag. This place comes most highly reccommended with the nicest rooms I have seen for this price range.  

4 bed private CAD $14/night. 

Shanghai Maggie International Youth Hostel, Shanghai, China

1825 Tianshan Rd. Changning district. Shanghai, China. 



Please show this address to the driver: 


ÃÀÖ®¹ú¼ÊÇàÄêÂùÝ(£¹£´£± ·¹«½»³µ£¬×ñÒå·վÏ£©

ph: 6273 6183 OR 6273 6270 

Option (1) Subway (line 3): from Shanghai central railway station go left direction you will find the subway station, take the pearl train to West Yan-an rd . stop, then go southward about 2 minutes to Tianshan road on your right side, once you pass the West Zhongshan rd . our hostel is on your left hand side, the hostel is only few minutes away from the subway station by walk!

the building is 5 level orange color!

Option (2) Bus (No.941): from Shanghai central railway station either from the exit 1 or 2 you need to go right direction, about 1 minutes away you will find the bus stop, take the bus to Zun-yi rd stop, from the bus stop-go across the road, you will see No. 1825 Tianshan rd. (5 level building with orange color!)

Option (3) Taxi zone: from Shanghai central railway station you need go to the under ground taxi zone, it will take about 15 minutes to our hostel and you are expecting to pay around 25 Yuan.

Option (4) Shuttle bus (line 3): from the Pudong airport: take the shuttle bus line 3 to the Galaxy hotel then go northward within 10 minutes and turn left once you see Tianshan Rd, the hostel is on your left hand side within few minutes walk!

Option (5) : from the Hongqiao airport: take the bus NO.941 to the Tianshan RD. from the bus stop-go across the road, you will see 5 level building with orange color.

Option(6):from the city centre:take the subway line 2 to Loushanguan Rd stop,then walk east for 5 will find the hostel on the right side of the road. 

Property Description

Service 'BEST' is our motto ! Welcome to Maggie hostel where comfort & quality meet budget ! 

We have a beautiful green garden and is ideally located in the famous diplomatic district just minutes from downtown ! Only 1- 5 minutes from all bus stops in order to go to both airports, the main railway station and the legendary Bund !there are three subway lines(line 2,line3,line 4) near by,which can take you to anywhere of the city. 

A major city hub within shanghai downtown- the hostel is also mere 15 minutes drive from Hongqiao airport, 15 minutes from railway station , 20 minutes from the legendary Bund, within walking distance to shuttle bus stop to Pudong international airport. 

The courteous,friendly knowledgeable staffs are available to help you to discover Shanghai's hidden exotic locales. the supper convenient location is 2 minutes walk from neighborhood shopping also executive class shanghai center. You will enjoy many local (cheap) restaurants. 

Above all Maggie hostel has caring staff that is both delightful and compent!

Special service:

Chinese massage, a professional massage that can give up all of your tire. Whole body massage or feet massage..

Chinese acupuncture, a magic way of curing many chronic illness. Especially good at losing weight!


serve Muslem food & vegetarian food!

We are the only hostel has Chinese massage service, enjoy it!

If you come here , don't forget to ask for the receipt after your dinner, laundry, massage, that can make you have 10 miniutes internet for free!!

What to see and do:

Daily tours arranged by:

1. One-day Zhouzhuang Water Village Tour

2. One-day Wuzheng Water Village Tour

3. One-day Shanghai City Tour

4. One-day Hangzhou West Lake Tour

5. One-day Suzhou Garden Tour

6. One¡ªday Wuxi Generations Senior Lake Tour

7. Two-days Suzhou&Hangzhou Tour

8. Two-days Nanjing Tour

9. Three-days Suzhou Wuxi&Hangzhou Toue

10. Four-days Huangshan Tour

11. Four-days Putuoshan Tour

8 bed dorm CAD $8/night 

MINGTOWN Hiker Youth Hostel, Shanghai, China

No. 450 Middle Jiangxi Rd. Shanghai. P.R.China, China. 


1. Hongqiao Airport: take No.925 bus to 'People's Square', then take metro line 2 to 'Middle Henan Road' or take a taxi directly to the hostel with the fare around 10 yuan (RMB). 

2. Pudong Airport: take airport shuttle bus No.3 or No.7 or maglev train to 'Longyang Road', then take metro to 'Middle Henan Road'. The hostel is about a 10-minutes walk from the bus stop. 

3. Shanghai Railway Station: take No. 64 bus to 'Middle Jiangxi Road', the hostel is about a 5-minutes walk from the bus stop; or take metro No.2 to 'Middle Henan Road', the hostel is about a 10-minutes walk from the bus stop. 

4. Shanghai Meilong Railway Station: First, take metro line 1 to 'People's Square', then change to metro line 2 to 'Middle Henan Road'. 

Property Description

Mingtown Hiker Youth Hostel is located in one of the most famous tourist attractions of Shanghai- the Bund.Not only close to the tourist attractions, but also close to the shopping centre, business and entertainment area. It is conveniently located near the flourishing old streets--- Nanjing Load and Suzhou River. We are within walking distance of the subway station, the bus stops, the train ticket office, and the bank etc. In the neighborhood, it is a lane full of Local Chinese restaurants, also two blocks away from the hostel , Fast food and bakery shop are available as different meals options.

We provide different kinds of accommodations to meet the needs of every customer : such as amazing stylish VIP suits, and double standard rooms with double bed options available ,at a very fair price, and also we offer neat and tidy dormitory rooms at reasonable price. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning and individual controls, with options of individual bathrooms, multiple rooms(4-6persons) have secure lockers, and safety deposit box is available for guests at reception. We also offer luggage storage after checking out. To deliver a cozy family feel to our guests, we provide a lot of convenient and heartwarming self-service, including Self-catering kitchen( with well equipped microwave, fridge, and tableware), upstairs public area with free wireless for guests, hot water room and laundry room available on the third floor.

When you wait for checking in, Lounge will be a nice choice, there is also free internet access nearby. Grocery and telephone service at the reception, and we also have friendly and helpful English speaking Staffs for on-site help and general assistance, we provide free travel advice, the daily tours arrangement for local place and the sightseeing towns around. We do the reservations for the national and international flight tickets, and calling a taxi for your convenient. We offer nice western food and some reasonable drink in the bar, and provide free pool table, free movies, free books (book exchange available) and board games for killing time. There is no curfew at the hostel, but reception and bar will stop working at 2:00am, security officer will be there 24 hours. 

Please bring your passport with you when you come here.

Please inform us your new arrival time by phone if you arrive late, or else the booking would be cancelled automatically.  

6 bed dorm CSD$8/night 



Jinjiang Inn (Yang Jia Ping), # 60 XingSheng Road, Jiu Long Po, Chongqing, ., China

Over 20 bus lines nearby the hotel would easily drive you to anywhere you may want to go 

Jinjiang Inn (Yang Jia Ping)

# 60 XingSheng Road, Jiu Long Po, Chongqing, ., China  

Jinjiang Inn is the first local budget chain with friendly service and well-equipped guest rooms. 'Clean, Safe and Comfortable environment, Convenient and High-quality services as well as Inexpensive Prices' is the key concept of Jinjiang Inn Group 

Located in the YangJiaPing Business and Entertainment Zone, with 2-minute walking distance to the YangJiaPing Shopping and Entertainment Walking Street. Our YangJiaPing Inn is also surrounded by several key Economic Development Zones. Over 20 bus lines nearby the hotel would easily drive you to anywhere you may want to go. 

With fashionable and functional hotel design and the warmest heart, we are expecting to make your trip in ChongQing more comfortable and memorable. 

We are now promoting groups (5 rooms and above) which stays with us for 2 nights or above.

Let's travel with friends for enjoying more free services!!! 

------5 rooms or above, For staying 2 nights--------  

1. Free Train Station Pick-up or Hotel Representative Airport Greeting and Guidance Service

(Please kindly inform us the detail Train information / Fly information and arrival time 2 days before arrival date by emailing us or phoning us via the contact information in the confirmation email that will be sent to you) 

2. Free English map for each guest as gift. 

-----5 rooms or above, For staying 3 nights-------  

1. Breakfast will be offered on complimentary basis 

2. Free Train Station Pick-up or Hotel Representative Airport Greeting and Guidance Service

(Please kindly inform us the detail Train information / Fly information and arrival time 2 days before arrival date by emailing us or phoning us via the contact information in the confirmation email that will be sent to you) 

3. Free English map for each guest as gift.  

****Breakfast will be charged at RMB 10 per person if the above # of room and # of room nights can not match the above requirement**** 

****RMB10 per person will be charged for train station pick-up service if the # of room and # of room night can not match above requirement****  

private tween CAD$11