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Yes, one good picture is worth a thousand words. Here, at (YLW) you will be able to find JavaScript based slide shows, Flash slide shows (like the one on this page (if you don't see changing images in the top-left corner of this web page it means you either don't have Flash player installed or you did not turn JavaScript on. Also you will be able to download .exe slideshow files and play them on your computer, or short .mpg movie clips instead. There will a lot of regular pictures too. I will be using my own pictures most of the time, sometimes I will have to resort to the photographs downloaded from the royalty-free web sites or use my friends' pictures.

Please turn on JavaScript in your browser because with JavaScript turned off you won't be able to use many important features such as menus, tool tips, slide shows etc... For example, can you see a small black box with the text in it when you move the cursor over this? If you can see the text in the box then your browser is set properly. For more information on technical requirements, security and privacy please go to the next page.

How about uploading photos to YLW?

Unfortunately, due to limited space on the web server visitors won't be able to upload their photographs onto, however on the link page there will be several links to the other web sites which provide free hosting of your pictures (for example Photobucket, Flickr etc..)