Technical Notes web site is optimized for two most frequently used browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I use Firefox myself and I would recommend that you download that browser too and give it a try if you haven't done so. Somehow Mozilla Firefox's rendering of the content is more predictable and gives warmer feeling than IE. It is worth mentioning that you can have two (or more) browsers installed on your computer at the same time, they will co-exist peacefully and you can even use them at the same time.

By the way your computer IP is and you are using CCBot/2.0 (

Another important point has to do with security and privacy. At YLW there will be no malicious code embedded into HTML, no unwanted pop-up windows, no viruses or any other type of malware, no annoying flashy ads, no unsolicited e-mail... is 100% harmless to your computer.

For that reason you can safely use JavaScript feature of your browser and allow cookies from YLW. JavaScript is browser-side programming language which is used to add dynamic effects to web pages. For example the menu bar on this web site will be dependant on JavaScript, the same applies to JavaScript based slide shows. Without JavaScript web pages would be fairly dull.

Cookies are small piece of information that web servers (computers that physically host web sites) send to your browser (Mozilla Firefox, for example) so that they "know" it's you when you visit them the next time. Here is an example of a cookie that my browser saved after it was sent by the web site called If you can see this picture it means your JavaScript is turned on.

On this web site you may find links to external web sites which may or may not be harmful to your computer or they may contain links to files that can be harmful to your computer. One good example is One can find Chinese music (mp3 files) on that web site however several people expressed concerns regarding the spam that they started receiving after they visited that web site. If you download any material from the Internet please scan it with an up-to-date antivirus program, or even better upload that file to the website such as which will scan your file with over 10 most popular antivirus programs and give you the security report.

You may be asked to register in order to post messages on the bulletin board. Providing YLW with your valid e-mail address may be the key part of the registration process. Please don't hesitate to provide an e-mail address because that way great deal of abuse can be prevented and your e-mail address will be kept confidential. Rest assured your private information (like your e-mail address) won't be shared with anyone or sold to anyone.