What will you find at YLW?

This web site will have 9 main sections:

  1. Chinese Culture - In this section general information on Chinese culture will be provided (History, Language, Art, Food, etc.)
  2. Travel tips - Which places in China to choose, how to prepare for the trip, practical advice about your stay in China...
  3. Places - Info regarding accommodation, food and transportation will be provided.
  4. Wiki - probably you've heard about Wikipedia, the idea here is similar; through a small effort of many great benefit for all.
  5. Download - area where it will be possible to download travel related content.
  6. Photo - Section with slide shows, video presentations, pictures, videos etc..
  7. Bulletin Board - the heart of the web site; every single section of this web site will be linked to the corresponding section of the bulletin board.
  8. Zhong Wen - this section will be dedicated to the Chinese visitors who don't speak English and they would like to offer discounted services such as accommodation, transportation, restaurants etc...
  9. Links - this page will provide you with the most relevant resources such as books, travel guides, links to other pages on the Internet.

Please come back in August of 2007 and check out our web site again!